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No. of Recommendations: 4
From Kiplinger, written in May...

""As of May 1 the interest rate on an I-bond is 4.6%. The rate will reset on Nov 1 but buyers in June will get the 4.6% for the full 6 months. You must hold an I bond for 12 months before you can redeem it, and you will lose the lasat hree months of interest if you cash in before 5 years.
If you buy the bond now and the rate resets at 4%, you'll get 4.6% for 6 months, 4% annualized for three months, and 0% for the last three months, assuming you cash it in at the end of 12 months. That comes to 3.3% for the year, which is better than you can get in a 1-year CD.""

Just something to think about if you're looking for an execptional risk/reward ratio for a short term play of at least one year.
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