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Yes, I know this is the "Olympic Games" board. But having searched (as best as I know how) all of Fooldom, I don't find any board or mention of Table Tennis. It's been an Olympic sport since 1988. I mean, there's even a Frisbee board. Come on ... gimmee a break ... Frisbee but no Table Tennis? Almost every country on this blue planet has a Table Tennis team. So where's the board that I can discuss and learn about my newly-found Olympic sport? TABLE TENNIS

Rich (haywool)
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Don't the Chinese own this sport?

Who is pretty sure Forrest Gump has retired...

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Hey Fuskie !

Don't know that the Chinese actually "own" table tennis, but in many countries, like China, table tennis is taught from an early age and even in school much the same as our basketball and football are done here. That's one reason why they are so (add your own expletive) good.

I'm rather surprised that table tennis isn't used in our sports training systems as it considerably aids hand/eye coordination, reflexes, quick lower body movement, breathing control, etc.

Rich (haywool) looking for table tennis discussions
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