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I don't know all the men and women in the USA but I do know that over the years, women have picked up firearms and gone through training. I was a member of a women's shooting groups for several years and everyone had their own story. Some grew up hunting, some had boyfriends who did and wanted to learn from an instructor how to handle firearms safely, some had been robbed or worse and wanted to learn how they could protect themselves, some just wanted to learn how to shoot, take training and classroom time with instructors, get a CDL. I fit that last category.

WHen I started riding a motorcycle back in the late 70's, my father was worried and gave me a gun to protect myself. He had always carried a gun, since he owned a business in a sketchy area and had to work late and weekends too. My father was thoughtful but didn't provide any training but I knew not to look down the barrel or play with the trigger mechanism. :). I didn't carry while riding, the shoulder holster he gave me was not comfortable. I carried a Buck knife instead which thankfully had to threaten somebody with. It amazes me that this was before cellphones. :). It helps to be young and fearless. I did however carry the gun when I worked late at night and weekends, in my pocket or a paper bag or satchel.<rolling my eyes>. Thank goodness nothing ever happened except for the drunk UPS man knocked on my door to say hello......that could have been a threatening situation looking back on it...much bigger than me and he was drunk and on friendly terms as our regular routeman....I shooed him out of there.

After 9/11, I decided it was in my best interest to get trained on the proper use of a handgun. I took the classes and passed, however, I didn't practice shooting because of the unwelcome and stinky atmosphere of a shooting range. But several years later and a new, modern range opened up which was very welcoming to women, didn't stink of lead and other noxious products and that was when I found that other women wanted to shoot too. And yes, Dems and Repubs co-mingle and shoot. :). I took more training which also included a talk by a lawyer who talked about the legal ramifications of defending oneself and also the training quite pointedly asked the question-would you be able to deal with the aftermath if you had to shoot someone, either wounding or killing to protect yourself or your family. They are important questions to ask oneself.
Other things were taught as well and they were very informative and like everything else, practice is important, awareness of one's surroundings in public and around the home, safety and security getting in one's car, I could go on. A lot of folks just are not paying attention, chances are great they are staring at their phone while the car idles and the doors are unlocked.

I had a girlfriend who was terrified of gun, scared to learn I had one. It was as though she thought the gun would explode on its own or something. I could never understand it. Then again, she knew no one who had a gun when she was growing up.

Labels are nice but not always accurate.

Lucky Dog
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