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I'll ever go into DC again. They've been having shootings almost every day. There's still a chance that protesters will turn violent. Also, the Mayor won't grow a pair and reinstate mask mandates.

AC *used to go down to the national gallery at least once a year - sigh*
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No. of Recommendations: 3
II know, Mrs PL and I drive past the Capital and often see (what we call) "trumpsters"* picketing along the road in front. Sometimes hundreds, sometimes a handful. No violence yet, but it's just waiting to happen, boil over... IYAM. I can feel it in my bones. Tensions are high here also.

You're smart to make this decision. Remember, this is for you, right? Safety first, right? (...using the gray matter, properly (o:)


* - email if you want our definition of this phrase.

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