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Well, today did it to me. This is the first time I've had a loss large enough to make me feel sick to my stomach.

Tidewater is a big part of that loss, but EVERYTHING else I own is down, too, a good deal of it 50% or MORE.

I'm not planning to sell, because in some cases I am following Foolish mechanical strategies and in other cases I chose the companies through (what I believe was) diligent analysis. In the former cases I am going to stick to the strategies for the long haul, and in the latter cases I am going to stick with the companies for the long haul.

...but I still feel sick.

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You FEEL sick? I am ALREADY sick. I wonder if we have seen the last of the decline yet as end of October is still looming ahead.
Who knows, a year or two from now we may look back at this and wonder why we didn't load up some more. Look what's happening to Gold this past three weeks. It was in the abyss for almost a it's the shining star.

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Me too, but mostly because I don't have the funds to
buy at these prices.

I'm afraid the recovery may be long and slow, but I
have no doubt the market will recover.
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You are not the only one that is sick. I myself am down over 50% (I bought TDW at 40, and thought I was getting a heck of a bargain.)

In fact, while i'm wining, I will go ahead and tell you that of the 5 stocks that I own, my WINNER is down 40%, and the 5 together are down 66%. This is SINCE I BOUGHT THEM, not just this year !!!!!!!

I am truly amazed that it has gotten this bad. But I will also tell you that out of all my stocks, TDW is the one I worry about the least. It may take a long time, but it will come back.


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Hi fellow sicko's.

Yep, it's been a hole in the pocket week so far. Today was a real shoct in the arm for anti-acid product sales.

We are ALL down 20,40,60 percent or so. It does suck and makes you wonder what you'll be getting for Xmas.

So hear is my opnion. The market will return. When is the only question. Whatever money you have lost on papaer today WILL come back and then some. TDW will be back. Historically (20 year look back) it has risen with the oil company (amoco, texaco, etc) but not at the same time....the recovery started on the average 4 months following the rise in the major oils.

TDW will be back. So will the rest of the market. Next spring...tonights stomach ache will be a flash in your memory. i.e. What was I so worried about.

fool on..
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