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Last year I had Aetna's HMO program. I wasn't happy with all the "adjusters", and the long waits to get any treatments approved, plus I had to use whatever charlatan they had approved for my treatment. So I switched to a PPO. It seemed I could pick my own physician for treatment. As Intercst has long maintained, I was in a roach motel. Couldn't get out. When I went to the University of California in Irvine for cancer treatment, it seems they were "out of network".

I contacted an insurance agent who advised me that Blue Shield had a temporary moratorium on the underwriting requirement to get their supplement plan. Normally requires that you be symptom free to change to a supplement plan. So I fired Aetna and joined Blue Shield. The moratorium expires at the end of February if you want to investigate. Now it seems that once I am in the supplement pool I can change to another company in my birth month. My birthday is in April, so I am planning to change to Humana - has a lower co-pay, but still a supplement plan. The advantage plan lets me use any physician who accepts medicare.

This seems like an exit from the roach motel. I would appreciate any critique and/or words of wisdom.

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Some years ago, Medicare stopped approving a type of plan used by a variety of people nationwide. Since then, I have been on an Advantage plan with a multi-state *regional* insurer (they are only in 4-5 states in the Midwest). Premiums have dropped every year and this is second or third year with $0 premiums for me. About 95% of doctors in the area accept their insurance, including the U of MN.
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