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I get the same thing when someone asks me if I caught some show on TV last night. "I don't watch TV." "<blank stare> What do you do for entertainment?" "Read books on comparative religion and quantum physics." "<head shake> <edge-away>"

LOL! This is much the same reaction I get. I've never owned a TV. (Well, someone gave me broken one once. I never did figure out what I was supposed to do with it.) My roommate owns one, and I watched Star Trek Voyager while it was still on and a few minutes of this or that if I caught it in passing, but much of it is the intellectual equivalent of junk food. I have about a hundred things on my list of things I'd rather be doing - like hanging out on message boards. ;-)

But I also don't feel the need to proclaim my chosen path to everyone who asks, so I feel some evasion can be appropriate. Some may say this is not being true to oneself, but I see it more as protective camouflage - is the chameleon being untrue to itself when it changes color to match its surroundings? No, it's still a chameleon, only avoiding potentially hostile situations.

I grew up in a small, conservative, overwhelmingly Catholic area, from which I escaped after 12 years of Catholic school. I know all about camouflage. I think people need to do what makes them comfortable. I now live in a big city and can get a new job fairly easily, so I partly tell the truth to avoid having to remember what I said before. I would not hesitate to lie or mislead if I were in a situation where I felt threatened or uncomfortable.

In fact, back in high school when I was trying to avoid being confirmed as a Catholic, I lied and told them I was considering Lutheranism, figuring that they would accept that much better than the truth, which was that I was interested in Buddhism at the time. I think the fact that I spent so many confusing years hiding and trying to find the sacred in a religion that did not fit me at all makes me disinclined to hide now.

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