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I hate the Packers. I hate the Rams more.

Yeah, based on your assessment, I'd say you hate the Rams!

The Pack has four great receivers. The Rams' four are better.
Advantage - Rams

The Pack has zero "great" receivers. They have a good receiver in Schroeder, a formerly "great" one in Freeman (who is showing every indication of being washed up), and perennial "potential" WRs in Driver and Bradford. The latter two might amount to something, but we've heard about them for years and they still don't quite cut it. Sure, a big game here or there, but none are guys you'd put in a lineup and rely on for 6 catches a week, every week.

Advantage Rams.

The Pack has a great QB with three MVPs and a Super Bowl Ring. The Rams' has a ring, a list of injuries, one good season, and a lot of question marks.
Advantage - Pack

Don't forget Favre has had his injury problems too, the last few years. In fact, last year Warner threw more TDs in his 11 games than Favre did in his 16. Warner had one ungodly season, and was on pace for merely an extremely good one before this year. I don't see what "question marks" Warner has. The man is a precision machine.

On the other hand, Favre is indeed back to approaching his form. If he had better WRs, he'd be even more effective.

Warner is the top rated passer in the NFL right now; Favre is #2.

I'd call this a wash. (But see my comments regarding home field.)

The Pack has a great running back backed up by a great running back. The Rams have a great running back with bum knees and a question mark as the backup.
Advantage - Pack

The Pack has a very good running back backed up by a formerly great RB who is years past his effective prime. Even as a backup, he's suspect.

The Rams have a phenominal back who is backed up by a question mark.

If both Faulk and Green play, this is a no-brainer advantage to the Rams.
If Levens and Canidate, this is a wash.

Advantage Rams.

The Pack has a great defense. The Rams is solid, but nothing special.
Advantage - Pack

Don't make the mistake of believing this year's Rams D is the same as last year's. This year's squad is very, very good. They got in a great coach (gee, anyone notice that Tampa's defense has been going down hill this year now that he left?), they got rid of some disgruntled veterans (Kevin Carter), and made some nice additions. Aeneas Williams is still THE premiere corner in the league. This is a very good defense.

Statistics? Green Bay is the #3 defense in the league, St. Louis the 12th. Now look a little closer.

Green Bay has played against the #5 Offense (Baltimore), #9 (Detroit, believe it or not), #21 (Tampa--lost game), #27 (Carolina), #31 (Washington). Average Ranking: #19.

St. Louis has played against #4 (San Fran), #7 (Philly), #9 (Detroit--shutout), #18 (Miami), #19 (Giants). Average Ranking: #11. They've gotten it done against tougher competition.

This is another wash. Both defenses are vastly improved over last year.

The Pack plays in a terrible division. The Rams have three more against the Niners who are quickly gelling into a powerhouse and the Saints who are already a powerhouse. Expect the Pack to have home-field advantage through the playoffs. Sorry, but there isn't a team in the NFL that can come into Green Bay and beat that team in the dead of winter unless they play perfect ball and the Packers play poorly.

This, I think, ultimately becomes the key. Let's say the Rams and Pack meet in the NFC champtionship game. If it is in Lambeau, the Rams' speed will be affected. They aren't used to playing in the cold. And there is always the fabled "Lambeau Mystique." If it is St. Louis, the Rams will be off to the races and the WRs will run wild.

So, who gets home field? As bad as the Central is, those teams always play each other tough. Don't forget some of the nasty games between those teams the last few years that have seen upset winners. The Pack already lost to Tampa. It wouldn't surprise me to see them pull at least 2 more losses in the division. Plus, they end the year at the Giants which is looking tough. If Jacksonville or Tennessee come around, there could be another loss lurking there. I can see them ending up around 12-4.

Now, look at Saint Louis. They have 2 games against the Saints, and a home tilt against the Niners. I'd guess they could at least split with the Saints and win at home against SF. Let's say they lose 2 of the 3 though.

Who else will beat them? Indy? That's 3 losses. I have a hard time convincing myself of a 4th.

I think it'll be the Rams with the 1 seed and the Pack with the 2. (Of course, this all is dependent on injuries to either side, but given the state of nature today, that's how I see it.)

Pretty even teams, and I'd give the advantage to the home team, but I think that'll be the Rams.


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