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I have had similar problems. When I was young and foolish I opened many Credit accounts. (it was a bit of a game at college to see who could get the most Credit ) Since that time I have become Foolish and paid off and CLOSED all but one of my accounts. I have letters from the Credit companies from almost every account I have closed going back many years saying that the accounts were closed per my request.

However, my Credit Reports still show up with accounts that are closed as being open or the same account listed twice under different Creditors. (because Creditor sold account or was merged with another company) While I do not have any late or non-payments on my report these items irritate me. When I file a complaint, in writing and with supporting documentation, I get a response that the issue is being investigated. Then a few weeks later I get a new copy of my report with a letter stating I was correct and the error is fixed. (YEH right in my dreams) About six months to a year later I get another copy just to check and low and behold the error pops up again. This has been going on now for years slight changes in amount owed account number etc. But incorrect information disappears when questioned only to show up again a few months later.

I once spoke with someone who worked for one of the big three Credit Report agencies, yes it is possible. She explained what is happening. The Credit Report agencies get their information electronically. (i.e. once a month or once a quarter their customers send a file with all there account information on it.) The Credit Report computers search this info and assign the accounts to SSN numbers, people. This electronic file is the PROOF that you have the account and what you owe on it. When you complain the Credit Report agency removes the info and sends a letter to the company that supplied the original data asking for certification. Usually what happens, especially in an old archived account, is that the Creditor says yes its is wrong and the Credit Report "fixes" the Credit report. BUT the Creditor never takes the time to fix the computer record because it is in an archive and difficult to get to. A few months later a new data download and the old incorrect information shows up again.

I understand that your issue is with an old Credit card that you felt you paid in full but the Creditor claims you defaulted on. Unfortunately, even if you had all the documentation that you have now tossed out all the Credit Report agency cares about is the Creditors statement. Remember the relationship is that both are the others customer and supplier depending on which way the data is flowing. My understanding is that the law lets them consider this proof, releasing them from any liability relating to providing false info on you. The law also does not require them to provide you with the name of the company that provided info on you so that you can contest it directly. Sometimes one data supplier will provide information on other accounts you have, for example when you showed your visa to that store to get a store card. The store, or their Credit agent, will add that info to your store account record and will report both to the Credit Report agencies. Even when you close the bank card and the bank says it is closed, it can pop up the next time info is down loaded from the store.

The Credit Report agencies claim that they are doing there best to report accurate info, but until they provide a real check of questioned information including the right for the consumer to see and challenge what they use as "Proof" it is just window dressing.

Sorry for the long post but this is one of many pet peeves of mine.
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