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well almost....

all was fine until I got notice form iCloud that I could use it as e-mail addy instead of Made the changes as described on both DH's and my iMac preferences and accounts.

Since then I can't invite DH to any event. His name on the invitees shows a question mark whether I use, or i have checked address book, removed his card, retyped in the info for him.

I have gone to Library iCal.plist removed it and reopened the Calendar.

I have tried safe mode.

I have checked settings in preferencs,I have iCloud enabled, I have Calendar set to work within iCloud and Mac. I have gone to iCloud opened Calendar there and tried to invite him to events.

I also went to Utilities and repaired permissions.

Oh, I also went to Dropbox archive and reinstalled what I thought was the latest good version of the calendar - back a bit but not a problem. No joy there either.

I tried Time Machine too but it won't let me just replace Calendar tells me its part of OSx.

I do have one SuperDuper backup that's NOT up-to-date and may???? have a good version of Calendar but am not sure and, of course, it will take me back in time about a month since it will replace everything. I don't know if I can just segregate the Calendar from the SD backup and just replace that???? never tried just one application.....

I can't invite him either on my iPhone cause the phone syncs to the iMac and vice versa.

I can send an e-mail to his e-mail address inviting him but no invitations from me appear on his calendar anymore. :(

I'm out of ideas at this came running for help. Have no idea what to try next. I guess I could try to re-install ML and then try to update everything but not sure if I should go that drastic route???

Could use some ideas here re. what else I can try...

thanks for any help.
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Do Not try and work with backups - either SD or TM.

I am pretty sure what you changed was on the Apple servers. In the event there is something on your PC that has to agree with the servers, you would only create a much greater problem.

This is not something I understand, so I do not have a clue about resolving it -- except to say, I would start with Google and the Apple support forums.

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Good warnings!!!

Have been to forums/support groups etc...etc....

Lots of people reporting similar issues after ML installation however, that wasn't necessarily it for us.

I just tried again after doing all the above in my previous post. Something has started to work - I'm still researching - it may have to do with the calendar I use as the default and the calendar I use to send invites AND his calendar he uses. I set up diff.calendars colors for different purposes, and have used them regularly. He doesn't use his colors....but I'll know more after I do some more research - have been working on this damn problem for 2 weeks and gnashing my teeth over it.

back to you soonest after I test some more.

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The problem with Calendar does seem to be related to the color of the calendar I use. My default Calendar is designated by a blue dot in settings. As long as I use that calendar to send him invitations, he gets it. If I use the pink (inbox) calendar, or the orange (home) calendar etc.....he doesn't receive the mail. His invites from me always seems to go to his yellow (work) calendar!

Alternatively his mail to me (his default setting shows blue for home) however it appears at this point, he can use any color calendar to send an invite to me.

This is totally confusing to me - I thought I was so clever to set up different colors for the calendars depending upon the category I designated i.e. dr appts are grey, work is yellow, home is blue etc....but somehow the choice of category impacts the invitations to events?????

I can live with it as long as I remember the correct color to use when I invite him to an event :( :(
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