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as to say they kick Foolish butt.

Is there anyway, that you could share some of the changes that you are making before hand, like you did on our favorite fools, it just seems like you having a revolution. And since there are a lot of people who seem like they spend their lives on this site, it has to be disconcerting to see the site literally change before ones eyes. In addition, if you just tell us you are adding new features, and do it over a longer period of time, so that we can can used to them little by little, maybe we would have more patience and not get so fustrated. In the polls, there needs to be a middle answer. Lastly, I figured out why I hate this colour story. Its not bright enough, and does seem to be from the same palette as your books, materals, and last colour scheme. I really think the green would look better with a tiny touch of yellow.

Fooling Foolishly,
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You are absolutely correct.

The TMF crew has been very good at listening to our suggestions for improvements.

However, I can not remember a single time when they have told us about changes -- they just make the changes without any warning!!!

I agree that it is very upsetting to log-in, and suddenly have an entirely new interface!

The TMF crew has proved that they can listen to our requests for new capabilities.

It is now time for them to think about how to support us members who do not like being forced to use a new user interface, without any warning.

- sww

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