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I love how the corporate/moderate DEMs believe that they can deny the failure of Democrats to address voting, the justice system, economics and education by simply attacking anyone who points out the failure. And then by them asking the question, "What would you do?" . . . as if placing the requirement to fix the broken Democratic party on anyone who mentions that they are not succeeding is a good enough solution. I wonder what you believe that accomplishes?

Let me turn it around for those of you who feel like you can make me responsible for fixing the Democratic party. Even if I have no idea how to fix the Democrat party failure, that is not proof that everything is okay. I realize that your real goal in pressing me for solutions is that no matter what anyone suggests as a solution, it can be nit picked and attacked and held in scorn. That won't solve the problem, but it discredits the observer and I guess you believe that if you discredit the observer, it must make their observations false. Of course that's stupid, but there you go.

So here is the turn around of your efforts to discredit the observation by attacking the observer:
What are you proposing to do to convince the voters [who continue to turn away from Democratic party failures] to change their minds about Democrats in next year's election? ( and Do you believe that asking every voter to explain what they would do to fix the Democratic party is going to convince them to vote for Democrats? That seems pretty simple minded and silly. Do you believe that you can simply take a loss to Republicans and then Democrats will recover their ability to govern as the minority party? That also seems simple minded and silly. Or do you believe that Republicans won't do much harm if Democrats are out of power for a few election cycles and eventually the Democrats will gain so much of a majority that even they will be able to pass meaningful legislation? Good luck with that.

I am making observations. Democrats in Washington are failing to govern even when they are in the majority. Voters who worked to put them in the majority are turning away from them at an alarming rate. Couple that with the fact that Republicans seem to have no problem banning together to undo democratic voting principles when they control state houses and you have a real crisis in the Democratic party. If Democrats do not solve their governing problem, they may lose power and influence in Washington for several decades to come. They are going to have a very difficult time ever winning a majority in the Senate ever again, and the House is barely better for them after the Republicans have rammed through all of their voter suppression and gerrymandering laws and regulations.

Republicans may be de-coupled from reality, honesty, and integrity, but they are winning the PR battle for voters. That's just an observation. The polls tell you it's true - and pretending that it is not true if I fail to tell you how to fix the Democrat's problems, won't change the truth.

If you don't want to talk about the Democrats' crises, then stick your head in the sand. If you don't want to talk about the Democrats' crises, attack the observers who point out the Democrats' failure to pass legislation supporting the working class. But if that's your strategy, I would advise you prepare yourself for an electoral shellacking next November. And blaming that on me won't help you.
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