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really now
what did you expect?
these horney bovines havent had a dance in the sh$tyard
for months
dance bovine dance!
and besides yall know the market is seeing
waaaaaaaaaaaaaayintothefuture to the technological
advances we
WILL BE making henceforth good sirs!
we just sing a song of sixpence
while our corruptscab of a corporate govment
takes it all to the cleaners
and the tanned ruddyfaced gilded cage azzzzzholes
who runthings spend away the future on credit.......
THE ICEMAN COMETH!! YESfriends and he carries the scythe of hope
behold! the dark waters willunfold before the eyes of the dancing Bovines
may they step in their own excrement!
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No. of Recommendations: 0
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