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I have been trying both mint and Quicken. I leaned more toward mint because of the iPad option but neither is particularly helping me. There are so many glitches in updating and calculating in both that I almost think I am better just keeping my spreadsheets and updating them manually.

I have a pension from my husband, self-employment income, a couple of rental properties, 2 homes, SEP, Roth, Trad IRA and taxable accounts(3 brokerages).

I have Quicken rental properties version.

What am I missing ?
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This is relevant to Quicken using one Quicken data file. I don't know some of the answers, specifically rental properties. We probably need more info of what/how you're doing it now to be helpful for you. What version do you have?

Your incomes should be setup as a "paychecks".

Your 2 homes should be set up as property accounts (maybe your rentals too).

Each taxable brokerage & IRA's should be set up as individual accounts in the one data file. I assume this is true for an SEP but have no practical knowledge SEP's.

So, are you using one data account?
Can you give us an example of one of your inputs to an account (fictious info is OK, it's more the method that's important).
Are D/L'ing data/statements from banks/brokerages and this is where your issues are? I've gotten away from doing that since I always had reconciling issues. I now input the data manually from statements. I think Kurtv favors this method too and he'll probably be along soon with input for you.

You should try searching the Quicken Help files and Quicken dot com for guidance. Sometimes they are very helpful, other times....

I don't find that many program updates from them so I don't understand why you think there are "so many" glitches from updates. You can do manual updates by D/L'ing the update files from their site and then installing them.

Sometimes it's the old GIGO (garbage in - garbage out) and maybe you're just recording your inputs incorrectly.
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I have one data account.

I was referring to the data updating, not the program.

Thanks - you've given me places to look for the issues. I am beginning to think my expectations were too high and if I have check/enter things manually, I will go back to my own spreadsheets.

(a SEP is a trad IRA for the self-employed)
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1. I'm not the expert on technical terms.

2. Each bank and brokerage downloads differently into Quicken, sometimes even within the same bank depending on the account. This link didn't work when I just tried it, but I know that with my PNC accounts one checking system allowed automatic downloading, while another required manual downloads (not the individual data, but the files). For each account you need to experiment a little and backup what you have something for which you're satisfied, and start over when you're not satisfied.

3. My experience is that Quicken is no faster than a spreadsheet to set up (indeed with all of the diffences between banks, brokerages, etc it may be longer), but MUCH faster and more convenient over time.

4. I've never had problems with downloading various stock, IRA or bank accounts once set up. I have two homes and account for some self-employment through consulting. I don't automatically input Quicken into TurboTax, but the reports make the use of TurboTax relatively simple. I do rentals through a separate account (not a separate data account) and don't use a specialized version (I use Premier). My rental is very simple so yours may be different.

5. I've found Quicken absolutely sucks at options, although others may have found a way to deal with them.

If you can describe the problems you've encountered it may be easier to provide some experience we have. Again, without lots of patience upfront, you won't want to do this. It's somewhat the fault of Quicken but also the fault of many places that don't make access to your data easy.

My opinion, overall, is that Quicken is worth it, for me. I'd hate it just as bad as your setup experience if I had to input what seems to be complicated info into a spreadsheet every week.

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Each bank and brokerage downloads differently into Quicken

Definitely helpful but yowza !

I have no options.

Here's what I hope to get from Quicken - help on estimated taxes, overall and otherwise ROI and a place to point my kids to for records.

On the rentals, I have a condo that was a rental becoming the second home, a townhouse just purchased and rented and a quarter share at a resort hotel that is in the rental pool, also just purchased.

I'd hate it just as bad as your setup experience if I had to input what seems to be complicated info into a spreadsheet every week.

Oh, I update the current spreadsheets about once a month. I don't care all that much about day to day spending - really just the net worth total.

I do have time to spend on it it this week and next so I'll try all the suggestions and see if it gives me the info I want.

Thanks all !
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