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I need to get this off my chest. I am somewhat irate right now as I read some of this. For those of you who have known me over the years know my skin is pretty thick. Just look at my screen name and that should say it all. But I need to get this out.

“AOLfoolman100- “Patch I agree with you to a certain extent, but you know that this issue has been one that has been probably been in everyone's mind for years. But virtually no one talks about it due to political correctness.
Do you disagree? Should we hide/obsfucate or should be discuss openly? Your choice.”

I’d have to say there are at least goodness know how many boards to post on in Fooldom and you put this trash here? We’re talking about a tragic death of a 24 year old man who happens to play in the NFL. WHAT……………PLEASE TELL ME……………………… WHAT does political correctness have ANYTHING to do with what happend to Sean Taylor? If this is what you want to bring to the table, take your dish to someone else’s dinner party. We don’t want it here. In 8 1/2 years of having this board, I've never had a post here like this. Why did I create this board? I want people to have a spot to talk about FOOTBALL (and not clog up other boards in the process).

And who posted this garbage (I think I already know that answer):
”In reality, this pattern of high criminality and low academic/economic achievement in blacks relative to whites and asians is a steady pattern across land and time. Do all the Googling that you want. This pattern has persisted for decades regardless of location and who is the dominant race in a given country around the world.”

I bet they believe Black Americans commit more crimes than others because of the UCS (Uniform Crime Statistics). This does not reflect all the crimes committed but those fully adjudicated through the legal system, resulting in a conviction (if I’m wrong, lawyers, judges or law enforcement please stand up). Many kids of different economic backgrounds struggle academically because of opportunity and lack of exposure. You can’t expect a kid to know something like “Crime and Punishment” or sciences if the exposure isn’t there. Kids quit school because they either have to work (to support family) or just feel like they’re better off in the streets. I known people who quit high school, but eventually got a GED (and eventually went to college) instead. The one thing I heard consistently was they felt like no one wanted to help them. They made one mistake here, another there and before they knew it, there was no life line to draw from. They reach out for help only to be pushed away or shuffled to the next grade level. This group was across all racial and economic backgrounds. I am amazed when I hear of modern schools (high schools in particular) do not have labs for science. Regarding kids knowing subject matters that they may not know, I’d like to see if anyone will take this and you’ll see what I mean.

“This simply is NOT TRUE. Racial differences are NOT simply skin deep. They really are not. Various races evolved in different regions of world (Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, N/S Americas), providing various evolutionary pressures, resulting in different cognitive and physcial prowess over time.

Trust me on this. IQ tests have demonstrated over time, and location that variations in IQ exits between races. You think maybe that it's simply cultural bias in IQ??”

NO....reaction times, and even brains sizes (largest are seen in East Asias, then Whites, and then Blacks), and then even evoked brain potentials (electrodes attached to brains) all back up this hypothethes.”

I also didn’t know there was more than one Asia, too.I will say there is a possible cultural bias, but definitely more researcher bias. By the way, among other things that the “brain potentials” of Blacks, think about the following things I will list below (hint: they have one thing in common):
- cortisone
- open-heart surgery
- communications between moving trains (known as a Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph in 1887).
- modern blood storage.

“Again, why do we accept black dominance in sports (sports involving speed and quickeness - basketball, track and field, etc.), but we for some reason totally disregard variations in intellect
‘True, I see your point. That's why hockey teams are full of blacks and caucasians have no chance. And I suppose this is also your explanation for why the number of black baseball players continues to dwindle over time?’”

I can address the baseball question in a few parts. The first is that, frankly, the baseball diamonds are not as plentiful as they once were. The second is that they see fewer Black Americans playing the sport anymore compared to 20 years ago or so (by the way, the Twins lost a heck of a CF in Hunter). The cost of a little league is another challenge. There is more exposure to hockey now but most of the Black NHL players black are Canadian (by birth or citizenship), where hockey is the national sport (I did play some as a kid). Charles Barkley said something interesting a few years back about why Black youth play basketball. His response was because it was free. Now I know I can be a butcher at times with typing, but can you tell me what a “hypothethes” is? How about quickeness? I am aware of a hypothesis is and what quickness looks like, though. Are these all new code words that we all need to learn?

“Yes, but baseball require reaction time quickness....not just muscular quickness. Reaction time quickness is probably more akin to "hand-eye coodination".

So baseball is not simply "brute quickness" as in running bases (as in the NBA), but it also involves hand-eye coordination, and sheer strength. Blacks DO NOT have the dominance in strength. In fact, the evidence shows that those of Nordic origins have the strength advantage. Notice the "World's Strongest Man Competition" on ESPN. They are usually filled by Scandanavian individuals who are "lily white".

OK. You have my attention now. I decided to look at a few things, since you decided to go there. In the history of MLB Gold Gloves winners, the breakdown of total wins held by position (P, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF): 2 are White (Maddox has 17), 3 Black (both tied for outfielders with 12), and 3 Hispanic (Pudge Rodriguez has the most for a non-pitcher). So it seems even with the "hand-eye coodination", I mean hand-eye coordination. 2007 stole base leaders: 2 White, 4 Black, 1 Asian and the rest Hispanic. RBI leaders= 5 Hispanic, 3 Black and 2 White. The fastest players to reach 200 home runs are both Hispanic (Albert Pujols and A-Rod). Going back to 2002 (excluding Bonds), no less than 6 of the league’s HR leaders were either Black or Hispanic. Regarding fielding percentages, there is not one player who isn’t a pitcher or catcher who had a 1.000. It just shows me who broke their tails to get where they are and who hasn't.

By the way, if you ever get hit a 500-lb bench press, a 400-lb inclined press, 300 lb- clean and jerk and a 1100-lb leg press, call me. Otherwise, you know where to put it. By the way, I’m sure the Scandinavian people appreciate you misspelling their heritage. I think the 49ers Larry Allen, who bench pressed over 700 lbs, would also disagree with you. Lets see, Worlds Strongest Man= get paid $500,000 but play in the NFL= $1,000,000 and up. If the money were as good as or better than the NFL, maybe we will see more Blacks in the Worlds Strongest Man.

“Patch, I do have the utmost respect for you. But please, give me a break Patch. Maybe this is what the board needs??”

I’ll be nice here. As I said earlier, if this is what you’re bringing to the table, then go to someone else’s dinner party. Take your choice, but my name is on the door. Respect that much at the very least.

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