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No. of Recommendations: 14

Yeah, you heard me right, I'm nominating my ol' pal markoose. We go way back, me and him.

Obviously I'm not expecting anybody to nominate me. So if you want something done right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself. ; )

Besides, it's not like this is "beneath me" or anything, as I have no cyber shame whatsoever. I mean, once I even BEGGED for a chance to wear one of those coveted purple Foolish crowns, as you can read here... (Note: This doesn't count as my one of my 3 posts.)

Come on, begging for a silly little icon? Is that pathetic or what??

Then again, I did get to wear that crown for a couple weeks. Heh.

In any event, back to the Feste Award. You want examples of my posts from this past year? Sure, I'll give you examples...

Remember earlier this year when the Overlords of TMF pulled our unlimited recs, and instead allotted us each only a certain number of recs per day? Man, what an uproar that caused! Thousands -- maybe even TENS of thousands -- of Fools were threatening to cancel their free comp'ed memberships, demanding a full refund; scores of attorneys immediately dropped their cases against big tobacco, and soon class-action lawsuits against TMF began springing up all over the place; heck, a few barbaric people even called for Bogey's jester-capped head on a spike so they could parade it around in the streets! In other words, it was ugh-leeee!

Conflict is usually no good, and I honestly thought this was nothing to shed blood over, that it wasn't much of a big deal. So, I thought it would be best if I tried to inject a bit of reality-based humor into it all, in hopes of lightening the mood a little, in attempt to smooth things over a bit, to put things in some perspective because there were bigger and more important things to be concerned about. I'm guess I'm like that sometimes. You'll find the post here...

Finished? Boy, you're certainly a quick reader, aren't you! (Blatant attempt at @$$-kissing. *cough cough*)

Okay, so you want a second example of one of my posts from this year? Fair enough. I remember not too long ago when Berkshire Hathaway, of Warren Buffett fame, (a company which I DON'T own, btw) had stated its intentions of acquiring a privately held company called The Pampered Chef. Yikes, a few Berkshire investors threw themselves into a bit of a hissy fit over that one! Is Warren going senile? Why is he even messing around with such a company??, to put words in their mouth.

You see, The Pampered Chef is one of those "evil, shady, sketchy multi-level marketing pyramid schemes"!

Okay, so it's not really. Far from it, actually. But some Berkshire investors had their doubts when the acquisition was first announced. And since I have some experience of how some of these companies like Pampered Chef operate, I thought it would be best to share my uncommon knowledge in attempt to put the Berkies' minds at ease. I know I certainly would appreciate something like that if the tables were turned. You can read the post here...

Wow, finished already? You read so quickly, you must be really really smart! *wink wink*

Whoa, wait a sec... you want a THIRD post?? Man, you guys are relentless.

Okay, let's see. Even though I post on a lot of boards here at TMF, some popular and some off the beaten path, for the next selection I think I'll dip back into the Berkshire Hathaway archive again. Besides, getting just a handful of recs from those "stingy" BRK investors is like pulling teeth -- it's almost as difficult as getting ol' Warren to loosen those purse strings a bit!

Ah, so let's see. Remember this past summer when the stock market was tanking day after day after day after day, with no let-up in sight? When the top 6 stories of the evening news were always about the daily financial massacre on Wall Street? When people across the nation were throwing in the towel, selling all their stocks in a final frenzied panic, salvaging whatever was left, and then jumping out windows -- from one-story buildings?? I'm telling you, people were doing some foolish things back then... "foolish" with a small "f", that is.

So, I thought I would be contrarian and make light of the situation at the time. Because you know what? As bad as things get sometimes, you just have to laugh at life. Sometimes that's the best (and only) way to cope during troubling times. I'm sure I put a smile on a few faces during those unsettling days. You can read about the time I broke my satirical "news" story here...

Anyway, there you have it. I shamelessly nominated myself. I know I'm not gonna win. Heck, I'm not even gonna crack the Top 10 -- even if less than ten people are nominated. There are just way too many deserving people out there in Fooldom, I don't know where to begin. Over the years I've become aware that there are quite a few intelligent, experienced and educated Fools here, and I've certainly learned from them and hope to continue to do so. This place wouldn't be the same without them.

Now go ahead and rec this post anyway. You know you want to.

Yesssss... there you go. Don't you feel better now?

Feste on!
; )
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