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WendyBG is highly deserving of the Feste as she absolutely exemplifies the TMF mission of “learning together.”

Wendy has consistently posted high-quality, well researched posts regarding investing, specifically in fixed-income assets such as government bonds and CD's. She is humble, generous with her knowledge, and gentle in manner. Even if she disagrees strongly with someone else, she is gracious and factual with her claims.

Because of their devotion to an “LBYM” lifestyle, she and her husband were able to retire very early and live from their savings, and Wendy has brought her expertise in risk-abated financial freedom to many of us who read the discussion boards.

There are hundreds of excellent posts from 2006 that would be appropriate to share, but I have chosen three that best show the different types of posts Wendy has written and continues to write.

The first demonstrates Wendy's knowledge of bonds and risk as well as her ability to communicate this knowledge with others. She wrote numerous posts on bonds, treasuries and TIPS in 2006, so consider this a random sampling:

(From the Bonds & Fixed Income Investing board)

Wendy is able to take her personal experiences and weave them into a story that will speak to everyone. She also has a well-defined sense of what money should be used for in life:

(From the Mishedlo board)

Wendy's attention to detail in all things, not just financial, is obvious in this post on Asperger's syndrome:

(From the LBYM board)

In writing this nomination, I have gone back through many of Wendy's posts from 2006 and am amazed by the breadth and depth of her knowledge on so many subjects. She is that rare person who is simultaneously detail-oriented and “big picture,” and she has an extraordinary talent for communicating her hard-earned wisdom with many, many people she will never even know.

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I recced your post, but I cannot let it pass without adding my vote.

Wendy is as good a person as you'll meet at TMF. She's always generous with her experience and compassionate towards others.

I heartily second your post (and, honestly, I was thinking if it was time to nominate for Feste awards and was getting ready to nominate her).
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WendyBG is all that and with a wicked sense of humor. Add my vote!

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