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Why isn't there.....

A TrackBillMann?
A TrackDaveGardner?
A TrackTomGardner?
A TrackHiddenGems?
A TrackStockAdviser?
A TrackChampionFunds?
A TrackRuleBreakers?

Instead of the very deceptive ads touting high percentages of growth but NEVER the time frame which would put them in some kind of perspective?

Why can't they put their CAP scores instead of these false implications of superior performance?

This isn't the old Motley Fool... it has changed and I don't like the direction I see it going. Most of the articles referenced to stocks on TMF and online are just cheap sales pitches for the pay subscriptions.

I would love to see CAPS track their own for awhile.without all of the smoke, mirrors and deception. What have you got to hide?

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How come you didn't add your CAPS rating to your post?

Do you really need an answer here?

Tom, Dave, and Bill all do have CAPS ports that you can look at and get some idea of their sentiment on a number of companies.

As for tracking analysts - CAPS does this for a good number of those who make public picks. CAPS doesn't mirror the newsletters for a couple of reasons - one is to respect those who pay for the commentary contained (It doesn't track private newsletters from other sources either). The second is that the current sentiment on existing recommendations isn't always currently bullish.

None of the newsletters save MDP is a portfolio. They are stock recommending newsletters and none suggest or expect that one own all the recommendations. You might feel that the numbers you see are misleading, but a CAPS number would be just as useless.

TMF has changed over time to be sure. There is much to miss from the older times, mostly a few of the personalities IMO, but much to be said for it today as well.

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How do you track someone that has 800+ picks. That seems like an awful lot to me.

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Since CAPS is rated against other CAPS players, it would be quite possible to do poorly on CAPS while making real $ in the actual markets.

Having a CAPS tracker may not provide any useful information for potential investors. If CAPS worked like a real $ account I would agree with you about wanting to see TMF tracked.
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