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I say pull out our military. STOP this IMF bull and take care of our own. Keep the EU in Europe and out of the U.S. Stop sending them billions and billions of U.S. tax payer money..

I too read about the "EU probe of Microsoft" with some consternation. Again I say we must loudly express our outrage when these outside forces try to infinge upon our liberty and autonomy. The more we ignore such audacity, the more frequently such attempts will come and the more legitamacy we allow them. We must DARE to tell this European WHERE they can put there "probe".

This brings me to a more important point. When you get in bed with people with whom you shouldn't be in bed, i.e. people of different values and world views, you pay a price. The more we allow our corporations to become dependent on the revenue from outside sources, the more we have to compromise. They don't have the same constitution as do we. They don't have the same belief about the proper role of government in business. The more dependent we become on earnings from foreign countries to prop up our stock prices and economy, the more power they have over us and the more they will dictate to us.

My biggest concern is not so much the Europeans as it is CHINA. Our political "leaders", Democrats and Republicans are both naievly selling us out to China. This is Peoples Republic of China is the antithesis of our Republic. We have NO business getting into bed with them for their 1 billion plus people. Metaphorically speaking, we are nothing but whores when we turn a blind eye to the egregious atrocities taking place there, all for a quick buck. There is a high price for that type of growth and take heed politicians everywhere who advocate such, you are compromising our liberty and our independence when you drop your droors for these communists. You are being extremely naieve when you assert that we can trade them out of communism. You are every bit the fool that Neville Chamberland was - and more - if you believe such rhetorical pablum. Once we invest trillions of dollars to expand our manufacturing capacity to meet the demand of those 1 billion plus people, once we depend on those extra earnings coming from communist China, there is no turning back. They at that point have us by the _ _ _ _ _. When they say jump, we will have to say how high? becauase if we don't, the Chi-comms can destroy our economy at one decree.

So, is that the type of growth that is good for America? What about growth by inovation? How about companies growing by creating new products that people like instead of depending on new people to sell to. The problem is that corporations are salivating over China and they are the one's who primarily FUND these politicians who need their $ to get elected. The politician who is against compromising our liberty for a quick buck isn't going to stand much of a chance running against the political prison bubba who won't hesitate to pick up the soap for the special interests.

I know some readers will no doubt think I'm making a leap here going from the EU probe to a disertation on the problems of trade with China; however, I must say that we don't give away our liberty overnight; things go bad incrementally. I think China is laughing at us behind our backs. Go ahead and say I'm crazy now but let me go on record here and say that free trade with China, no matter how good they make it sound is a Trogan horse (on their part) and very specious.

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