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I think I hung on with D3 longer than a lot of players, but I yielded to the auction temptation early. I had a lot of fun playing the AH in World of Warcraft, and still do, but that is largely due to the utility of the Auctioneer add-on, which does a lot of bookkeeping and price estimates for you.

See, what I enjoy mostly is SELLING good stuff, but in order to do that reliably, you have to have a clear picture of what items are worth. For D3, the only stuff you can really sell is gear, and the gear all has wildly random stats, and clearly NOBODY who is selling stuff has the faintest clue what a fair asking price is.

For instance: I see an orange item drop, I don't need it, so I check the auction house. It's selling for a million gold, minimum, so I set mine to 900,000. It doesn't sell. I drop it to 700, 600, 500,000, then 400, 350, 300, 350. Doesn't budge. Typically I'll sell it for maybe 1/20 the price that the auction listings SEEMED to indicate.

Having played through to hell mode act 2, I had a pretty good grasp of what stats are needed at high levels. You want gear that has vitality and resistance, mostly, so you don't get killed in one shot. But the thing is, gear with a decent combination of those things costs obscene amounts, while the drop rate is incredibly low because you're looking for fairly unlikely combinations of stats.

I had hope that the crafting game would be fun, but it's not. If you're soloing a character, the probability that you'll get something you can use is so low that it's mainly a money sink. If you're playing the auction, the materials and gold you spend crafting nearly always mean that you're much better off selling the mats and buying the thing you need.

I thought maybe it would be good to sell high level gems, but you can't. Why? Because gems that can drop in any mode sell for, like, less than 1000 gold, rarely better than the vendor price. Gems that can only be gained through crafting sell for absurdly high prices, which seems great, right? Nope... the only way to acquire these gems is to spend that exact same absurdly high price at the gem crafter. There is no profit in creating gems to sell, and there is no profit in buying gems to flip. However, if you want to actually get high level gems and USE them, you have very little choice but to gain that much money, which practically requires using the auction.

Anyway, for the gameplay end of it, my burnout was complete late in Inferno Act 2. It's not just that you die easily... it's that there is a quest that takes a really, really long time to complete in one sitting. It's hard to solo because you die so fast; and if you're playing mainly through multiplayer servers, the quest resets after you log off, and you can lose a couple hours of progress.
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