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Yesterday afternoon, here in Texas, I went and cast my vote for Obama, and last night caucused with the Obama supporters to select that other 35% of delegates and to elect delegates to the county convention, among other party business.

This morning I see that Hillary narrowly won the state anyway and won big in Ohio and Rhode Island. I am not terribly disturbed. I am not terribly disturbed because, as I posted previously, all of the anti-Hillary rhetoric on this board prompted me to really research her voting record and her public positions and having done that, from the point of view of someone who will match up their "liberal credentials" against anyone on this board, I found few facts to support the rhetoric or to justify the hatred.

I've repeatedly heard posters refer to Hillary as "shrill." I can't help but note that that is an adjective that people, MEN generally, reserve to refer to strong women. But, imo, "shrill" is a good adjective to describe the tone of this board this morning.

For example:

--I hate Hillary with every fiber of my being

--The TMF net nanny, wouldn't let me use the word '[email protected]'.
[hmm, somehow the "@" doesn't make that epithet to describe a woman you don't like any less offensive]

--If Hillary beats Obama, I'm voting for McCain... [6 recs]

--I am so violently repulsed by Hillary, her attitude, and her tactics in her campaign against Obama that if he loses the nomination to her, i'm going to have to vote for a Republican....

--That Judas is never getting my vote.

--Hillary wants to move the Democratic party right of center. That's the announced goal of the DLC which she leads. She has positioned herself, along with the DLC, to reduce Social Security benefits. Her foreign policy would continue to be driven by the right wing Israeli Likud party.

At least the last statement is policy-based - only problem is that it is nearly completely unsupported by the facts. I've made fact-based arguments about this until I'm blue in the face, which have seemed only to prompt even more radically unsubstantiated attacks - I guess there's just no arguing against opinions that are largely emotion-based - it's sort of like arguing against someone's religion.

It seems to me that, in general, the majority of "arguments" against Hillary have little basis in fact - you just HATE her because she's a "[email protected]", she's "shrill," she's 'back-stabbing" and "conniving" and "devious."

Not only are the arguments not fact-based (and I hate to say it, and I'm sure everyone will vehemently deny it), but are, imo, largely misogynistic, however unconscious that might be.

At least there are still some voices of reason on this board:

KBM: My own opposition to "Hill" is strong - BUT not that strong....LOL

FY: If you do that, I'm 1) unfaving you and 2) p-boxing you, and 3) calling you insane. [that's a pretty close approximation of my thoughts]

Dude. I mean, seriously. McCain over any of Democrats that ran!?

...Ask anyone who voted for a 3rd party candidate in 2000 or 2004 because they didn't like Al Gore or John Kerry and "there's no real differences between the major party candidates" how they feel about that vote now.

Wessex99: Didn't some people think like this in 2004?

Well for sure in 2000. I remember DISTINCTLY the arguments that Gore was not substantially different from Bush. Some liberals seemed to have a need to prove that they were "more liberal than thou." The argument made by Nader and echoed by his supporters was that "things need to get worse before they can get better." I'm hearing the same thing from the "too-liberal-to-compromise," cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face, anti-Hillary demagogues now.

Dude. How much worse can things get?

I supported Obama even though, like Hillary, he was not my ideal candidate - but based on any rational policy-based analysis, they are close to dead even with each other. It is LUDICROUS to suggest that Hillary will destroy SS or even that she is "right of center" based on her nearly eight-year voting record and every word that has ever left her lips. I am nervous about her potential stance toward issues of war and peace, but honestly, no more nervous than I am about Obama's, since he simply has NO RECORD on that and might feel the need to prove that he's "tough enough."

Hillary's proposals for health care are one issue where she should have a clear advantage over Obama for people who believe that this country should be moving toward universal health care.

Anyway, I didn't get up this morning planning to waste my time writing this missive, but experiencing the "shrill" tone on this board was sort of like biting down on aluminum foil with a bad tooth. I've been reading this board less and less because I just don't like the way that reading about all of this hatred make me feel. I imagine I'll continue to read it less and less.
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