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I will grant you that there is some level of existence depending on your definition.

HA! You've admitted defeat : ) Your words, "there is some level of existence..." So we know THIS MUCH. Why cannot other things be known as well?

I still argue that the you that you perceive as you does not really exist.

You can argue that, but how do you know you're right, as you also argue that nothing can be known? I'll grant you that i may not perceive myself exactly as i AM, but my perception is irrelevant. That i DO EXIST is without question.

Yes, these are are very well and true within an arbitrary definition that you have decided to impose upon them.

Ah ha! Another admission of defeat. Something else TRUE within a certain definition imposed. And that definition is not arbitrary at all; it has been arrived at by the mutual agreement of mankind for it is useful. Nothing "arbitrary" about it, unless you have some completely different understanding of "arbitrary."

Recognition of color works if you are dealing with an entity with the ability to see in the visible spectrum which is not color blind.

You have just described... ME. I can see the "visible spectrum" and i am not color blind. Thus i KNOW i can distinguish the color blue from other colors. That someone else may be color blind does not change the fact that *I* recognize the color blue when i see it.

More simply "recognition is not knowledge".

Perhaps, but i'm not saying i KNOW the color blue in any absolute sense. I'm saying i KNOW i recognize the color blue. Recognition and knowledge of recognition are two different things.

Aritmetic rules 1+1 = 2 , etc. also work within the realm certain boundaries.

Again, the boundaries have been set by mankind's exploration and understanding of the universe. Just because you can imagine some queer situation where 1+1 does not = 2 doesn't mean that *I* don't KNOW that it DOES under 99.999% of circumstances. Again, just because exceptions exist doesn't make the RULE false.

Again there is a difference between absolute knowledge which does not exist and day to day working knowledge.

Though i believe in absolute knowledge that i cannot prove to you, i also believe in absolute knowledge of day to day working knowledge. Yes, some things are true in some situations and some things are false in other situations. But either i or someone else knows when they ARE true and when they ARE false. We KNOW.

This is fun.
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