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Since I retired my days are now more full than when I worked, cause, you know, my days aren't filled with work. So much to do, too little time in the day, too little time in the week, the month, the year, the rest of my life.

Damn that the body needs sleep. It's very inconvenient when you have, like, a thousand other things that you'd rather be doing. I mean, crimeny, eight hours out of every day wasted! It's just wrong.

Maybe I'll try going without sleep for a while. Kind of a, er, "sleep protest". Yeah, that's a good idea. I could just refuse to sleep. That's definitely something worth thinking about, definitely something I'm going to seriously consider.

But I think I'll take a nap first.
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Murphy's Law applies. The list of stuff to do expands to occupy the time available!!

Good for you. Keeping busy must be good for your mental health!!
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