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My father has decided to run for office in our state (not city or county, state).

He's asked me to be his treasurer. After reading about the job (which is truly almost nothing) and determining that the name of the Treasurer for a campaign is public record, I declined. I told him I'd help him sort it all out, but that someone else would have to be named Treasurer. My real name is not on the internet except for public records, and I'm keeping it that way on purpose.

The pickle?

1) I think he's going to get his azz handed to him. Looking at the incumbent, Dad's just out gunned and he's also the complete opposite politically - in a district that will likely vote with the incumbent's party even if it wasn't the exact incumbent. It's full of young and middle age-headed families, with middle class incomes. The incumbent is literally in that demographic, active in the community and in the dominant church of his stated religion within that exact area. He's FROM the area, went away to college and to gain political experience, then moved back to the area to start his career. Real polished guy.

2) I am also the complete opposite politically. Waaaaaaaay over thisaway, Dad waaaaaay over thataway. At times he seems to grasp this, and has even asked me in the past that if he were to run for something that my area voted in, would I vote for him? And I've honestly told him no. No. You would not adequately represent me or my family. But then kind of keeps trucking like he didn't understand. He actually thought I'd help him campaign. I will help YOU with tasks related to this fun new thing you are trying, but I will under no circumstances say "Vote for Dad!" because I *don't think he should win*. Which is really really hard.

3) Addendum to this, I'd let my kids help stuff envelopes, or even tag along with him if they wanted to. I think seeing the inner workings of a small campaign would be a great learning opportunity, regardless of the party of the campaign.

4) I have no time. I HAVE NO TIME FOR THIS, which also seems to be something he's not grasping well. The only reason I said I would help with the exact and only job of setting up a Treasurer for him is I was able to talk to someone who had been the Treasurer for a similar job in another area, and that guy said it really wasn't that bad, plus they had really good training available. He said 45 minutes tops a month for a small campaign with few donations (see #1). My father is of course retired, so has ALL THE TIME and doesn't seem to grasp at all that I do not, despite me constantly telling him this (and being actually unavailable).

5) Addendum to THAT is that I know he's going to want more help, over and over again, on other items and I'm not going to help - my year literally STARTS getting busy when this would really get into the guts of the matter, and right NOW I don't have time...i really really REALLY won't then. And even if I did? This is not how I would spend it, which seems to just absolutely blow his mind.

6) His supposed reason for retiring was to spend more time with the grandkids and so far he's gotten a small part time job because he was bored - which fine, whatever, your life, but with every grandkid IN something and getting awards at school and needing rides to volunteer hours etc. I didn't understand bored - makes absolutely no effort to get involved with what we are all doing despite us making every single possible schedule available to him (my mother seems to get herself there fine), randomly requests assistance with things at HIS house, on his timeline, with no regard for those aforementioned schedules, and now DESPITE CONTINUALLY SAYING HE WISHED HE HAD MORE TIME WITH HIS GRANDKIDS, is running for office (which will take time) for a job that will literally mean he lives elsewhere part of the year. I cannot express to you the side-eye I'm restraining from giving on this one.

Bottom line: I think he will have a really fun time doing this, and I don't think he will regret it despite getting beat (and seriously, the incumbent would basically have to kick puppies on live TV to even have the chance of losing), so I WANT him to entire retirement and do something that brings him joy. I just have this overwhelming foreboding of conflict - I already feel pretty stressed managing my relationship with him, and I know this is going to amp that up 3000%. It will become nearly constant.

That's the pickle - I want him to do this if he wants to do it, and I also know I'm about to have 9 months of a really strained relationship with him, too.

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