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I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it but the IRS might have some say in who you pay your taxes to?

One thing I am sure of, USians moving to Canada have to cash in their conventional IRA and pay tax on the entire pile before they leave.

No way would I get roped into filing both USian and Canadian tax, so if I returned to the land of my forebears, it would be a one way trip.

On the health care thing:

You may be eligible for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) if you are included under one of the following categories :

you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or landed immigrant, or are registered as an Indian
under the Indian Act

you have submitted an application for permanent residence in Canada, and Citizenship and
Immigration Canada has confirmed that you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for
permanent residence in Canada


you make your primary place of residence in Ontario; and

you are in Ontario for at least 153 days of the first 183 days immediately following the date you
establish residence in Ontario (you cannot be absent for more than 30 days during the first 6
months of residence); and

you are in Ontario for at least 153 days in any 12-
month period.

Tip: If you are new to Ontario, there is a three-month waiting period before OHIP will cover your medical costs. It is still a good idea to apply for an OHIP card as soon as you get here. To cover the waiting period, you could consider buying private health insurance.

I figured out how the faction in DC that wants to turn Medicare into a voucher system will work it:

-pass another huge trickle down tax cut (done)

-cry a river about the resulting increase in the deficit and invoke "paygo rules" on other departments (done)

Senate Tax Bill Would Trigger Medicare Cuts

Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps and other social safety net programs are exempt from the PAYGO law, which went into effect in 2010. But Medicare and other programs — such as federal student loans, agricultural subsidies and the operations of the Customs and Border Patrol — are not exempt.

Sticks in my mind, Congress gave Medicare a 1 year waiver from paygo, to get them past the election.

With paygo in effect (after the election) reimbursements would be cut and some service providers may start refusing Medicare patients. If paygo was rigidly enforced then total disbursements would be required to not exceed tax receipts. With a shrinking workforce paying in, and growing number of retirees, reimbursements would continue to shrink until Medicare becomes worthless because no-one would accept it. This engineered "crisis" would then, in "Shock Doctrine" form, lead to the voucher program that is the wet dream of a faction in Congress. For-profit insurers would set reimbursement rates where they are comfortably profitable for providers, add in their own overhead and profit, and send the bill to the retirees for the amount the continually shrinking Medicare voucher doesn't cover....and then even people on Medicare, after paying thousands per year in premiums, on top of the Medicare they paid into for 40 years, would be falling into the out-of-network trap and start receiving eye popping bills because someone in the chain that treated them was "out-of-network".

Heck of a plan.

Steve...then there would be the culture shock of being in a place that did not run on racism, religious fanaticism and corruption, where it isn't normal for people to be shot down in the street on a daily basis.
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