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"The move is part of a corporate trend away from providing traditional retiree health benefits as costs rise." More...
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Not a corporation in American that doesn't want to ditch employee health insurance, but they can't because employees expect it. So they are dropping retiree coverage. Or, as in the case of UPS, spousal coverage if the spouse can get insurance at his or her own employer. Some may blame ACA but they've been gradually edging in this direction for years. Most just blame the high, and growing, cost of health care. For international companies providing employee health care puts them on an uneven playing field. In other countries the gov't provides health care so the employer doesn't have to and thus has lower operating costs.
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As the article states, this has been in the pipeline for all large and medium corporations for quite a number of years. The strain of retiree health benefits has laden the corporations with huge debt.

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