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A while back, in a galaxy far far away

I wrote about ID theft...
Young Adult Kid's SS was used on someone elses taxes, to claim many things.

We received our refund back, but YAK – has not.
(new acronym, well ok maybe not, as I don’t know if it is)

As it happened, we filed all the correct paperwork, even sending in the I.D. theft affidavit etc. - with parents and YAK's return. Provided plenty of I.D. etc.

Just received a letter stating that
You are claiming a dependent that has already been claimed on a return already filed. Please send an amended return if this is not true.

Sorry, but sending both returns - priority - with an affidavit in the same seemed the right thing to do to help connect the dots as I'm sure they get tons of I.D. issues.

We called them after receiving this letter, and as you know how many things go, it was good that dinner was in the oven with time to go on the timer.

They said YAK should be receiving another mailing with instructions/requirements to proceed.

I hope it's not more information that they need, as we pretty much sent everything with the affidavit.

When we were on the phone - which ran well past 5pm, it sounded like a call center.

Anyone else in this situation?


In any event – is YAK a new acronym? If it is I hereby patent it, copyright it and will take payments for its use. Paypal accepted.
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In any event – is YAK a new acronym?

Not what you are looking for.

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