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If it were up to me everything would still be cash only. No credit cards, no checks, no nothing. Just cash money, preferably on the gold standard backed by gold. Oh yeah, coins would still be made out of gold and silver too.

No deficit spending by the government neither. If they don't got it they don't spend it.

I agree with half of this (the gold standard and government spending part). As for cash, nope. I'd much prefer society go entirely cashless. In fact if I had a business I'd seriously consider not accepting cash at all.

Why? Safety. No cash on hand makes you far less of a crime target. Thieves want cash for multiple reasons, the main one being it is basically untraceable. Sure, if you have the serial numbers for the bills you can trace it, but other than banks issuing new bills NOBODY has the serial numbers of their bills listed. Anywhere. Ever. So if someone steals cash they're good to go. Even if stopped how would you prove the cash they have on hand is what was stolen? At best you can make a circumstantial case (a $20 bill was stolen, all the suspect had on them was a $20 bill) but good luck getting that to stick in court without a confession.

No cash on hand means my employees would be safe from someone holding them up for cash. It also eliminates quick-change scams, no need to give back change, etc. Not to mention the hassle of having to reconcile register drawers, make deposits, calculate taxes owed, making sure you have cash on hand, etc. Other than the fact there are people who refuse to deal in anything but cash (so you'd be limiting your customer base though, to be fair, some of those people are undesireables anyway) I don't really see a downside.

Hell, even if you're running a garage sale you don't need to take cash. There's the Square attachement for iPhones which lets you accept credit cards as payment (with a small percentage fee skimmed off the top for processing). PayPal and other similar services also allow for cash-less private transfers. Granted garage sale shoppers only expect to deal in cash, but I'd be the jerk telling them they had to pay with a card or app (which is perhaps why I never do garage sales, lol!)

Really, I find cash to be a total annoyance personally and professionally. Not that credit cards don't have problems (too easy to get into massive debt that way) but there are other options. I'd just as soon cash ceased to exist. Personally, I almost never have or use cash. In fact I can't remember the last time I took out cash for myself and used it to pay for ANYTHING. I just don't do it, and can get along quite well without it.
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