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Not sure if this is correct place to ask this question, but here goes:

We live in Illinois. My son is 20 years old. He got a speeding ticket 2 weeks ago. Almost 2 years ago, he was in a minor car accident, and got a ticket. He paid the fine, and went to traffic school for a 4 hour class to have the ticket removed from his record.
In addition, 4 years ago, right after he got his licence at age 16, he veered off the road onto the gravel to avoid an oncoming car, but the cop gave him a ticket anyway. He paid the fine and went to traffic school for that as well.

Is anybody familiar with the laws in Illinois regarding driving and keeping (or losing) your license? I went to DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) web sitesite for State of Illinois, but it is very complicated to understand and follow.

It is so confusing, we don't know what action to take. If he pleads guily, and pays the fine, if he gets another ticket in the next 24 months (I think), he loses his license. However, when we call the circuit clrks office, and explain the situation, they suggest that we can pleade not guilty, go before a judge, and the judge will say he is in fact guilty and put him under court supervision for 6 months. If he gets no tickets in the 6 month period, the latest ticket is removed from his record.

However, we are hesitant to do this based on what one person said on the telephone.

Best bet might be for us to go talk to an attorney for a 1 hour consultation to determine course of action.

However, if somebody is familiar with the laws in Illinois regarding this, any and all input is appreciated. Thanks
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I am not a lawyer, but I have had to deal with this for my extended family. If he was speeding in a construction zone then he's got a 3 month suspension, that is actually writen in to the law.

The issues from when he was 16 should not come in to play, and the two year old crash ticket should not have much of an effect either.

Depending on what County you got you may want to look at who the traffic court Judges are and how they usually rule. Most Judge are more willing to be accommodating if you go in well dressed, plead guilty and request court supervision or traffic court they wont suspend his license. If you can I would just pay the ticket by mail and request supervision. That way you can also avoid Court costs associate with going in to court.

Once again I am not a Lawyer, and if you are concerned I would recomend that you contact a Lawyer who specializes in traffic issue. Also the Illinois Compiled Statues are a good place to look for the current law.

They are avaliable at

Hope this helps and good luck.
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