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I took a tiny--0.1% position--in Industrial Logistics Properties Trust (ILPT) in June just because someone on Twitter who seems smart (and made a great call on another stock I missed out on) made it sound interesting. I can't find the tweet anymore, but he suggested they had certain properties whose value was completely missed by the market.

The shares did nothing for 3 months or so but have been taking off lately--I think because of global supply chain problems. So I bought more. I am now up to about a 0.5% percent stake and don't want to go much higher because I don't have the time to really dive into this company. All I know is that Amazon is their biggest customer and they own a lot of warehouses, with the greatest concentration of them being in Hawaii. I read a bit of their last earnings transcript and an analyst said the outlook for the sector in general looks bullish.

I would be very grateful if anyone here can share their thoughts on this company. It will likely be a fairly short term hold for me as I will need to raise some cash in January, but I feel like the near term downside is pretty small and there could be pretty big upside ahead of their first earnings report since the supply chain issues really started to take hold in a big way.
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No. of Recommendations: 2
I owned AMZN stock for 13 years and am familiar with how AMZN runs its logistic system.

Hawaii would not be a great place for a fulfillment center where thousands and thousands of items are located. Despite a typical six figure number of distinctive items, no single fulfillment center carries most things, therefore AMZN also runs logistics centers that serve specific regions. I would expect Hawaii to have one of those, perhaps two if one for ocean delivery and one for air delivery.

I checked the following sources which show the fulfillment center locations and both show no fulfillment centers in Hawaii.

Both sources are from 2020, so there may have been some additions.



PS I live in NW Arkansas and doing a lot of business with Walmart has typically not been a great
business model
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