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sometimes I feel like I'm in hell....

I don't even know where to start..guess I'll start at the end...

(the beginning is way to far back...and I don't have another lifetime to explain it all...)

okay..I'm using too many ....'s today

I just called to see if I could schedule an appointment with the counselor I was seeing before... and she's out on medical leave until September. grrr.... I called my primary physician to see if I needed a referral and they said no. (new medicaid/insurance provider) When I called to schedule the appointment they transferred me to intake and the intake lady said that I needed a script. So why didn't they tell me that at my PCP?

Stupid insurance idiots, sent me a letter and said I didn't sign up for a PCP when I sent in my insurance info, which I know for a fact that I did. They just arbitrarily assigned me some one which is located - what - an hour an a half away? I called and told them to change it.. and the idiot on the phone didn't even know how to pronounce Seneca... I asked him...where are you located? "Queens NY" I told him he needed to learn the rest of the state. (this after having to pronounce and spell manlius 3 times. (((The whole bloody east coast is full of Native American names and these idiots in NY city don't know how to pronounce any of them.))) *** Don't get me going on NYC *** I have a choice of seeing someone else for a month or so, or waiting till September to see my former CSW who (whom?) I liked very much.

I'm about ready to pull a Lizzie Borden on both my parents. My mother is flipping out over the stupidest little things... my father doesn't know the meaning of "Close the gate or the dog will get out" and that's just the tip of the iceburg.

Survived the wedding. Actually had a good time. If I ever get around to it, I'll tell that story in full.

My sister found a Haier Air conditioner at a garage sale for $20. (sold in stores for @$300. 12000BTU's. Awesome. I've actually been able to get some sleep.(it was bordering 85 and higher in my room at night.) Of course then my mother threw a hissy fit, because she didn't have one too. So she ended up borrowing one from my sister, because we couldn't find one in the stores for her to buy.

My beloved cat has gone MIA. One night she was there, the where to be found. It was during the major hot days, so I thought maybe she was under the house or something. But it's been almost a week now and she hasn't shown up. I finally managed to print up some flyers today. (after about 2 days of trying to get the printer to work and having to refill ink cartridges, etc.) Even as annoying as she was some times, I really miss her. I'm kicking myself for not having taken more pictures of her.

I thought I blew the power supply on my Desktop comp the other day. Went to plug it in and saw a flash, then tried turning it on...nothing. I unplugged it, and today I plugged it back in and it actually turned on. So I'm breathing a big sigh of relief on that one.

Got into a huge fight today with the border collie escaped the yard and the neighbors were walking their Newfoundland, and Shaughnessy decided he was going to nip at her. I attempted to catch him and of course he just thought it was a game. Idiot neighbor just stood their screaming at me...can't you catch your dog? (she's about 20 and never was too awfully bright) I told her to take her dog home, as that's where they were going. Lacy, (the newfie) was growling at my dog, (normally they get along okay). I told the girl to just let Lacy go and she would bite Shaughnessy and put him in his place and that would be that. But she kept screaming at me. I've never understood why people get dogs and they don't have any clue how they interact with each other. Meanwhile her boyfriend and two other guys are standing around just yelling..watching me try to catch Shaughnessy. My idiot parents didn't even bother to stick their head out the door to see if they could help. Mind you the Newfie is not fixed and is in heat, and my border collie although he is fixed is male.

After finally getting Shaughnessy in the house, I had to drag him into his crate where he is sitting now. Locked in prison, punished, because my idiot parents can't be bothered to close a gate. ...This is another long story that has tons of pages to it. Suffice to say Shaughnessy needs professional training, and my mother swore up and down she was going to give me money to have him trained. But... I'm left holding the bag.

I have been sneezing my head off today. I sneeze so hard and loud, the dog gives me strange looks. What really sucks is when I sneeze about 6 times in a row and end up almost peeing my pants. My sinuses are killing me, and I feel a migraine is in the works. Of course, some of that could be all the stress.

Is it wrong to be angry at my brother for dying and leaving me stuck with my parents? :-/ Haven't heard a thing from my SIL since the wedding, despite my sending her several emails. Maybe she's mad cause we never sent a wedding present. (jk) Haven't gotten around to it yet.

I've seriously thought about asking an aquaintence (sp?) how much the house they have for rent, is. Hoping I could get some federal assistance with the rent, if I moved out of this house. I'd probably have to get a roommate though, and then I'd be back in the same boat I'm in now.

I can't win for losing.... and don't even know how to start to get out of this hole I'm in. I asked a friend who works at a local bank about the part time Teller jobs they have listed, but figure they won't hire me because of my bad credit. Of course if I had a job, ...I wouldn't have bad credit. (well a decent paying one anyway.) Assuming I have the mental capacity to even work a job.

Finally got dad to finish up with the Power of Attny and the will. Now if we could just get him to do a health care proxy maybe we could get somewhere. Oh..and we need to do the same with mom.

I'm dying to go camping. Just to get away from everyone. No money though. And my sisters got my truck. Did I tell you we got a free cap for the truck? It needs a window in the back, but it's the same colour of the truck. People think I'm crazy cause I collect odds and ends of stuff and save it for projects later. I call it living below your means. Lol! (or is it living below the poverty level?)

going to attempt to have a lawn sale this weekend. (and probably through till the snow flies.) Mom has agreed to get rid of some of the stuff in storage. Of course I'm the one who will have to do all the work and probably get none of the money. I got half the porch cleaned off. (took the old couch off it and put it out in the tent for the garage sale.) I found the chair I was making a slip cover for. had the pattern half done. finished the pattern. I think I'm going to finish the cover, (already have the fabric) and keep the chair. I'd want to much for it after I'd done all the work on it to sell it in the sale. Besides, it's a comfortable chair and I have enough fabric left over to cover a foot stool that I have. I kinda like doing upholstery. If I only had the time and the space to do it.

BTW I wanna thank Joyce for sending me email. She's always sending me a off blog message checking to see if I'm still alive. Lol! It's nice to know someone cares. :-) I'm afraid I'm lousy at responding.

Well I suppose I should quit babbling and get back to scanning pages out of magazines. (Started doing this for my mother, and then found a bunch of knitting patterns and recipes I wanted for myself. go figure!)

I hope y'all are doing well. or as well as you can manage. 'grats to joyce for getting off her meds. (sometimes I think I should be on them!) The ones I'm supposed to take I seem to take about 50% of the time. judging by the frequency of renewing my prescription. My multiple alarm watch has gone missing, I'm thinking the dog either ate it, or buried it in the back yard somewhere. (let me know if you hear the alarm go off out there, so I can find it.)

Lady Ianna: I'd be dead if I didn't have my dead pan humour! I've lost my internet connection...okay..copy and paste.... till it comes back!!

poor dog is now stuck out in the yard on a chain.. barking his head off. If he stops barking I know I'm in trouble as he's probably chewed through the chain and escaped again.
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