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I'm doing ok. Working - too much, actually, but steady money is a good thing.

Been running normal-to-manic and back again, which is soooo much better than depressed, but has its own issues.

Going to the movies with C tomorrow.


Hi Ishtar, glad you're got steady money and hope the "too much" of work is still manageable. The "normal-to-manic" stage I haven't been in for a long time, but I know it is (often) a better feeling than just solo depression. Hope it stays at that good normal plus stage and remains, well, manageable. Enjoy the movie with C! :)

I'm OK at the moment but the social life has yet to really get off the ground since breaking up with ex-BF AGES ago. I feel horribly out of practice at any sort of social activity.

Hi Paint, I don't think I've known you that well, but you sound EXACTLY LIKE ME! Okay, at least a lot of parallels!

I have been officially single for a long time and as far as remembering how to relate to grownups, I think I've given up on normal socialization long ago, LOL! It is a reason I feel I need to retrain myself to notice how normal (healthy) people interact. NOTE: I suspect I have Aspergers-like (mild autism) features so productive social interaction is something I really need work with.

<>iI have to get back to sewing more of my own clothes because shopping wears me out & I don't find enough that I like (I am almost plus-sized). Sewing used to be more like fun, now it's more like work and I have to get around that or I will be living in jeans/khakis and t-shirts.

If not for my kitties at home, I think I would be experimenting much more with at least repairing my clothing, though I've dreamed about making my own clothes, especially pants! And don't knock living in jeans/khakis and t-shirts, I love it, LOL! No-iron, wash and wear heheh. But seriously, eventually I do want to start wearing clothes that fit properly and/or look age-appropriate and not (accidentally) vintage stuff. (I still have - and sometimes wear - stuff from the 1980s, not the cool stuff.)

Have been rationing the beer (one pint per week, usually.) This week it was two; I had dinner Thursday in a pub out of town (and could walk back to where I was staying) and Friday in a restaurant with my sister & her boyfriend. My feeling about alcohol is that it doesn't do anything for the depression & not much for the stress. I don't especially like being drunk. If it makes me more awkward than I am already, I find that really annoying.

Just realized I think you're overseas? I'm born and raised in the U.S. I like my pints, specifically malt liquor beer (cheap but moderately high alcohol content, for mass produced beer and often beverage of choice for stereotyped homeless alcoholics). I usually only drink for tipsy, not fully drunk. For me, this is usually enough to reduce anxiety, moderate depression, but only if I don't receive additional stressors. It also helps to put me to sleep initially though it obviously creates wakefulness after the initial sleep. Also I usually drink only at home, not in public, so there isn't the usual awkwardness I have experienced in the past. Also one incidental reason I stopped drinking in public (main reason is cost of public drinking at bars and restaurants as I'm now on fixed income) is that I tend to drink to full drunkenness and too inclined to get into awkward social situations. Also my then-drinking companions were often incitable and prone to arguments, with me or other. These situations were years ago.

The other project at the moment is to get rid of more paper & junk. And get rid of paper faster than it is coming in.

LOL! Something I am too familiar with *glances around her desk here at home and living room.*

Best to each of you,
- ST (slowly there)
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