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I'm doing alright. I'm still a little manic, but I think it's leveling off some.

We were on vacation for 3 days WITHOUT the kids. It was great, but I messed up my eating big time. Today (after 10 days off) I am getting back on track. My friend who is doing the weight loss competition thing with me was also on vacation and she also gained. Actually, we both gained 4.8 pounds, so we both owe $25 to the envelope. With a month left to go, I'm down 2.8 more than she is. But her determination has kicked in big time... and that was on Thursday. It took me until this morning. On the plus side, this could have turned into a 20 pound gain. That's what's so great about our little competition... I *have* to get back on track. NOW.

We also got a puppy. I don't like dogs, but it was my idea, and Lizzie the labradoodle is great! (See, I told you I was manic.) She is a LOT of work!!! She's 11 weeks old and she has mange. I have discovered the cure for insomnia. Seriously. I've been sleeping like a rock... even when it was so hot and humid and uncomfortable a few days ago.

After a month off, I missed a therapy appt yesterday. I remembered last night. The appt was at 11:00AM. Oh well. That's $50, which sucks. I knew about it at the beginning of the week, but I had my calendar book closed. DAMNIT! I guess I'll call on Monday to reschedule. I see my med guy next Friday. I will have to remember to go!

So, like I said, I'm alright. I need to be less scattered, but I'm working on it. Going on vacation was nice, but it was also kind of bad because when I get off my schedule it's hard to get back.

The kids are all pretty much ok, I guess. Sean is 3. Whoever said Terrible Two's was 365 days too early.

Drew's med is still working. He still has bad moments, but all in all his improvement is pretty amazing.

Corey's still on half a med. He hadn't gained any weight in 2 years and was beginning to look malnourished. He was eating, but the Adderall speeds up his already fast metabolism. Before the med he ate enough for 5 kids. With the med he eats enough for 1. On half a med he eats about twice what he was, and he's not looking so ill. OTOH, the med doesn't work so well at the reduced dose. Obviously his health has to come first, so I will keep him on the half med through the summer. He occasionally gets the full med if there is something going on and the full med is warranted. He's really just such a scatterbrain. The ADHD has never been as much about behavior with him than attention span. Sure, the impulsivity sucks... but the attention span and the tunnel vision are far more problematic. The half med is better than no med, but I'm hoping we can go back up for the school year. I'm keeping an eye on things. And trying to be as patient as possible. And I'm also trying to find ways to focus his attention in positive directions, which isn't really all that hard... the drawback is that he is a commentator. He can spend 20 minutes talking about crossing the street, so giving him something to talk about is not always my favorite thing to do. He just talks and talks and talks. (Kinda like me, I guess... except that I listen, too... he just talks. LOL He will sometimes say something to much that he will insist that I have said it. He wants to see Star Wars, and Jeff wants to take him. He kept saying that they would go on Friday. So yesterday he was pretty mad that they couldn't go. But we never said they were going. He just said it so much that he believed it.)

That's enough out of me, I think.

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