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I've decided to let CNS go and book a 45 % profit.

Some of my reasons are

*From my loose valuation

and another one on Hidden Gems by Bakuvdanet, I conclude that's its highly overvalued at present. My calculations reason that the stock price will have a fair value of about $30 in 3 years, so that's more or less no gains from here.

*They really don't seem to have anything up their sleeve that's going to drive growth

*Bill Mann put it on his 4th team in his Hidden Gems review

*I kinda might need the money, which is probably the best reason of all, I'm burning money out here in Taipei, I badly need to get a teaching job.

Last minute arguments to change my mind would be welcom,


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I'm actually with you on this one, as I sold off my position last week. It was the last of the $6 shares that I had been holding for the last few years.

The valuation looks pricey, the growth isn't really all that spectacular, and the management team has always worried me to some extent. Their product decisions and capital deployment have always been dicey.

I felt there were greener pastures at this point in time and redeployed the money elsewhere.

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