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I've been updating my archive of important documents. I thought I should share what I'm doing here.

I've found this site to be a good source of ideas and links to reasonable equipment:

They have a list of important documents to consider:

No such list can be complete for all people. You have to assess for yourself what you might need. I've considered what documents I would need to reestablish myself if Austin were completely destroyed and I evacuated with only the clothes on my back.

What do I have?
• everyone's birth certificate, driver's license, passport, and Social Security cards.
• recent photographs of everyone, including the dogs.
• DS's adoption decree.
• our marriage license.
• wills and powers of attorney for DW and I.
•. the deed to the Fire House and the titles to the various vehicles in our fleet.
• insurance policies; home, life, auto, and umbrella.
• recent statements for all our financial accounts, including balances and account numbers.

This list might seem overwhelming but the financial documents come to us as PDFs now, the photographs are saved from smart phones, and a lot of this stuff doesn't ever change. One good scan-fest and it's easy maintenance from there. Like a lot of things, the fear of doing this is much worse than the thing itself.

I store all of this in a VeraCrypt volume:

The volume has strong encryption, so I keep one copy on a cloud storage account in addition to the copy I keep on a USB thumb drive that doubles as my keychain. My thumb-drive version has a standalone VeraCrypt executable in case I have to open it on some random PC someday.

This sort of thing isn't nearly as sexy as having nine different weapons in your bug-out bag and a combat first-aid kit. But this is the sort of thing that you're actually likely to need at some point in your life.


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I think I shall follow this excellent advice as soon as possible. I might add that I'll keep a copy on a USB thumb drive and stash it in a grabbable place.
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And for insurance purposes, they often suggest photos or a video of every room in your house. In the case of a loss, insurance company must be convinced you owned the item and you must remember everything to claim it. Photos help a lot.
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