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I know some folks don't like AMEX because it is not as widely accepted as Master Card and Visa, but I have the Blue Cash and it is my card of choice.

Recently, I have been very impressed with their fraud protection, and thought I'd post a note about that.

Back on Dec 31, DH and I signed up with a local gym that was running a promotion, and the pricing worked out that it made more financial sense for each of us to have our own membership. So they put the first charge through, and then when they put the 2nd identical charge through, AMEX rejected it, so we tried DH's AMEX, and that was rejected, too. We ended up using a different credit card, but we were still standing in the gym doing all the paperwork when my cell phone rang with a call from AMEX about the fraud alert from those suspicious charges. I got it all cleared up, but I was impressed that they were that quick.

This morning, I had an email from their Fraud Protection department about some $4000 charge from Hong Kong with instructions to either log into my account or call the number on my card. I called, and the HK dollars translates to about $777 USD, and the charge was made about 3 hours prior to me calling, so they were right on top of it.

Apparently, my card has been compromised (now I have to figure out from where), and they have cancelled my card and have processed the replacement. They confirmed my purchases from Sunday, and I noted that I was planning on paying the last of the college tuition this week using that card, but it's only my card, so I can still use DH's card for that because AMEX uses different account numbers for the different cards.

I was very pleased with their service, and thanked the Customer Service rep for their diligence. I know sometimes it can be inconvenient for a valid charge, like the gym charge, to be declined due to suspected fraud, but they follow-up immediately with the customer, and I definitely like that.

So I thought I'd put a plug in for AMEX on this board as I have been very pleased with their service.
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I had the same experience from Chase Visa, the same day someone used my card to make a couple of charges, they froze the account and called me to see if they were my purchases. Once it was verified the charges weren't mine, the charges were reversed and I had a new card in the mail in two days. I don't know what triggered a fraud on their end, all the purchases were local and under a hundred dollars.
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And I continue to be impressed.

AMEX sent my replacement card via overnight shipping, and it was waiting on the kitchen counter when I got home yesterday.

This morning, I received another email reminding me to change to my new card number for anything that might be a recurring charge, and they included a list of what their software had identified as possible recurring charges. I'd already written down the ones that I knew, but they actually had one on there that I had not remembered, and so I added that to my list.

Made all the changes this morning, and christened the new card with DS's tuition payment for his last trimester (YAY! the last of the college tuition has been paid!).

I am one very happy, satisfied AMEX customer.
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I had for several years a AMEX platinum. (I did it for airport club access and other perks that, at the time were worth the yearly fee.) During those years I purchased an item with a lifetime warranty, upgraded to that because of the card but handled by the seller.

Years later, after I had traded in the platinum card for an AMEX blue card, I needed to take up the merchant on the warranty. I called expected a big hassle. The merchant provided an address to send the item, which I did with some trepidation. I fully expected a phone call or letter stating in effect no card no service. In stead after ~2 weeks I got a phone call from AMEX. The merchant had contacted them about the warranty the REOPENED my Platnium card to credit the full purchase price and were calling to find out what I wanted to do with the balance. In 5 min. the credit was transferred to my AMEX Blue and the platinum account closed again.

I to have had fraudulent charges flagged very quickly by AMEX.

And I use only that credit company. If a merchant does not take AMEX I avoid it when I can and use my bank card as a VISA when I can't.
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What a difference five years can make:

American Express has the best customer service and Fraud protection of all of the credit card companies I use. - kahunacfa | Date: 1/21/2013 11:57:55 AM | Number: 306750

I had a billing dispute with American Express over a stay at the Greenbrierer ( in 1987, the billing error was American Express's, but it took over nine months to get it resolved in my favor. After that was settled, I cancelled the card; never did business with them again. - kahunacfa | Date: 1/23/2006 2:46:17 PM | Number: 306750
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