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We are going to be changing the directory structure for the discussion
boards in the not-too-distant future in order to make it easier for
people to find discussions, as well as to allow us to better spotlight
our boards.

Below is a draft of what we're thinking of doing. The left column is
the name of the board and the right column is the title of the general
category in which we'd place the board. We welcome your feedback for
ways to improve this before we implement.

A few notes before you offer thoughts:

- this is a draft, one we're moderately pleased with, but a draft

- we are not currently technically capable of putting one board in two
different folders - ie. Intel cannot live both in Stocks I and in a
Semiconductor folder for industry

- Speaker's Corner is not included here as we're trying to do a better
job of categorizing. Many fall into "Social Clubs"

- if your board isn't in here for some reason, or grossly mislabeled,
please don't be upset. There will be more than enough opportunity to
put things into the proper place, both before and after we do this.

- as a general rule, if we couldn't decide where Speaker's board
belonged, we kept it in Social Clubs

- some of the Speaker's boards might look appropriate in other
groupings, though the actual content of the board dictated otherwise

Thanks for any insights you can offer.


Great Movies                              Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Television Banter                         Arts, Travel & Entertainment
742 Evergreen Terrace                     Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Survivor                                  Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Star Trek                                 Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Best Travel Spots/Tips                    Arts, Travel & Entertainment
24                                        Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Music & Musicians                         Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Reality Television                        Arts, Travel & Entertainment
The Bada Bing Club                        Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Emerald City                              Arts, Travel & Entertainment
David's Den of Destinations               Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Foolish Monty Python Fans                 Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Vegas, Baby, Vegas!                       Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Opera                                     Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Rock 'N Roll                              Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Travel & Vacation                         Arts, Travel & Entertainment
The City of Townsville                    Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Audio                                     Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Talk Radio Fans                           Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Sirius Black's Muggle Friends             Arts, Travel & Entertainment
The Matrix                                Arts, Travel & Entertainment
M*A*S*H - Home of the 4077th              Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Museums of the World                      Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Matrix                                    Arts, Travel & Entertainment
Buying and Maintaining a Car              Automotive
Cars and Drivers                          Automotive
RVing Fools                               Automotive
Motorcycle Freedoms                       Automotive
Ford Mustangs                             Automotive
Road Rage                                 Automotive
Hybrid Vehicle Fools                      Automotive
Baby Boomers                              Birds of a Feather
Pet Lovers                                Birds of a Feather
Retired Fools                             Birds of a Feather
College Fools                             Birds of a Feather
Teens and Their Money                     Birds of a Feather
Rural & Country Living                    Birds of a Feather
Beer Loving Fools                         Birds of a Feather
Coffee Loving Fools                       Birds of a Feather
Military Brats                            Birds of a Feather
Dual Income No Kids Fools                 Birds of a Feather
Expat Fools                               Birds of a Feather
Gorilla Game, The                         Books & Writing
Benchmark Investing                       Books & Writing
Buffettology                              Books & Writing
Aspiring Writers                          Books & Writing
Book Club (Fiction Poetry Drama)          Books & Writing
Selling Books and Stuff Online            Books & Writing
Security Analysis -- the book             Books & Writing
Other Investing Books                     Books & Writing
Eclectic Library (Non-Business)           Books & Writing
Poems & Quotes                            Books & Writing
Oscar Wildness                            Books & Writing
Tolkien, Lewis, and More                  Books & Writing
Science Fiction & Fantasy Books           Books & Writing
Barnesandnoble Community                  Books & Writing
The Dark Tower                            Books & Writing
Ayn Rand                                  Books & Writing
The Millionaire Mind                      Books & Writing
Lord Of The Rings                         Books & Writing
Rick's Poetry                             Books & Writing
Help with this STUPID computer!           Computers and Internet
Apple User's Group                        Computers and Internet
Webmaster's Corner                        Computers and Internet
Wireless World                            Computers and Internet
Spreadsheet Advice                        Computers and Internet
Linux User's Group                        Computers and Internet
Viruses, hoaxes, & spam, oh my!           Computers and Internet
Prestone's Bluetooth Wrap-up              Computers and Internet
Palms, PDAs & Handheld Computing          Computers and Internet
Mastering Microsoft Money                 Computers and Internet
Radish's Roughnecks                       Computers and Internet
The Bandwidth Forum                       Computers and Internet
Wireless & Mobile Buyer's Guide           Computers and Internet
FrontPage Forum                           Computers and Internet
The days of our Linux                     Computers and Internet
Website Design                            Computers and Internet
Internet Security Issues                  Computers and Internet
Ask The Headhunter                        Education, Jobs & Professions
Military Fools                            Education, Jobs & Professions
Self-Employed Fools                       Education, Jobs & Professions
Teachers                                  Education, Jobs & Professions
Employer-Granted Stock Options            Education, Jobs & Professions
Grown Up Fools Back in School             Education, Jobs & Professions
Jobs                                      Education, Jobs & Professions
Physicians and HC Professionals           Education, Jobs & Professions
Learning English                          Education, Jobs & Professions
Engineers                                 Education, Jobs & Professions
Fool Pilots                               Education, Jobs & Professions
Unemployment Blues                        Education, Jobs & Professions
CFA Study Group                           Education, Jobs & Professions
Graduate Students                         Education, Jobs & Professions
Foolish Doctors                           Education, Jobs & Professions
Lawyers/Attorneys                         Education, Jobs & Professions
Small Business Owners                     Education, Jobs & Professions
Architecture                              Education, Jobs & Professions
CFP Study Group                           Education, Jobs & Professions
Starting a Business                       Education, Jobs & Professions
Choosing not to Have Kids                 Family Life
Parents and Expecting Parents             Family Life
Family Fool                               Family Life
Homeschooling                             Family Life
Parents of Gifted/Talented Kids           Family Life
Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads                Family Life
Infertility/Fertility Issues              Family Life
Single Parents                            Family Life
Adoption (kids, not technology)           Family Life
Genealogy                                 Family Life
Parents of Autistic Children              Family Life
Tax Strategies                            Financial Planning
Foolish 401Ks                             Financial Planning
Insurance - Life, Car, Home,etc.          Financial Planning
Paying For College                        Financial Planning
Inheritance Strategies                    Financial Planning
Estate Planning and the Fool              Financial Planning
Living Under Bankruptcy                   Financial Planning
Finding a Financial Advisor               Financial Planning
Discount Brokers                          Financial Products & Services
Online Banking                            Financial Products & Services                            Financial Products & Services
Mastering Quicken                         Financial Products & Services
Investing Software                        Financial Products & Services
Full Service Brokers                      Financial Products & Services
Sharebuilder                              Financial Products & Services                             Financial Products & Services
TC2000 Users                              Financial Products & Services
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)              Financial Products & Services
AAII Stock Investor Software              Financial Products & Services
Annuities                                 Financial Products & Services
IRA ABCs- Asset Benefit Cares             Financial Products & Services
The Great Foolish North                   Folly Around the World
Fools DOWNUNDER                           Folly Around the World
Indian stocks                             Folly Around the World
Ask A Foolish Question                    Fool Member Help Desk
Improve the Fool                          Fool Member Help Desk
My Portfolio                              Fool Member Help Desk
Quotes & Data Feedback                    Fool Member Help Desk
Fool on the Hill                          Fool Member Help Desk
Dueling Fools                             Fool Member Help Desk
Foolanthropy -- Charity Drive             Fool Member Help Desk
Community Town Hall                       Fool Member Help Desk
Fools on the Air                          Fool Member Help Desk
Motley Fool Research                      Fool Member Help Desk
My Fool                                   Fool Member Help Desk
Foolish Specials                          Fool Member Help Desk
The Feste Award                           Fool Member Help Desk
The Fool 50 Index                         Fool Member Help Desk
New Boards, Notable Boards                Fool Member Help Desk
The Motley Fool Take                      Fool Member Help Desk
TMF Money Advisor Feedback                Fool Member Help Desk
"Ask the Fool" Column Discussion          Fool Member Help Desk
Computer Helpdesk                         Fool Member Help Desk
Community Membership Q&A                  Fool Member Help Desk
Evening on the Fool                       Fool Member Help Desk
Hot Topics                                Fool Member Help Desk
Humor and Urban Legends                   Fun and Games
Chess Board of Fury                       Fun and Games
Computer & Video Gamers                   Fun and Games
The Jester Board                          Fun and Games
Heinz's Quotation Board                   Fun and Games
Math Recreations & Puzzles                Fun and Games
Warcraft                                  Fun and Games
Words, Words, Words                       Fun and Games
HSX Board Room                            Fun and Games
Lyrics/Puns (No Nantucket!)               Fun and Games
Gamblin' Fools                            Fun and Games
Card & Board Games                        Fun and Games
Haiku Time                                Fun and Games
D2 Clan of the Fool                       Fun and Games
Language Use and Abuse                    Fun and Games
Math                                      Fun and Games
Calvin and Hobbes M.C.S.                  Fun and Games
Sim/Strategy PC Games                     Fun and Games
The Comic Book Reader                     Fun and Games
Treacherous Translation Traps             Fun and Games
Foolish Group Gaming                      Fun and Games
Rollercoaster Loving Fools                Fun and Games
Scrabbling Fools                          Fun and Games
Fools Fighting Fat                        Health & Fitness
Quitting Smoking                          Health & Fitness
Health and Nutrition                      Health & Fitness
Low Carb Way of Life                      Health & Fitness
Running Fools                             Health & Fitness
Surviving Cancer                          Health & Fitness
Vegetarian and Vegan Fools                Health & Fitness
Bicycling Fools                           Health & Fitness
Cancer Prevention and Treatment           Health & Fitness
Foolish Fitness                           Health & Fitness
Foolish Hiking                            Health & Fitness
Foolish Tri/Du Freaks                     Health & Fitness
Organic Living                            Health & Fitness
SARS Effect                               Health & Fitness
Headache Help & Commiseration             Health & Fitness
Women's Health Issues                     Health & Fitness
A Cure for Cancer                         Health & Fitness
Fools with Sleep Disorders                Health & Fitness
Diabetic Fools                            Health & Fitness
Fools with ADD/ADHD                       Health & Fitness
Weight Lifting Fools                      Health & Fitness
Paddling Fools                            Health & Fitness
Recipes/Cooking                           Hobbies & Interests
BBQ, Art of, Fun(ky), The                 Hobbies & Interests
Gardening                                 Hobbies & Interests
The Gestalt of Cooking                    Hobbies & Interests
The Wine Cellar                           Hobbies & Interests
Interior Design/Decorating                Hobbies & Interests
Photography                               Hobbies & Interests
Life, The Universe And Everythin          Hobbies & Interests
Birding                                   Hobbies & Interests
Crafty Fools                              Hobbies & Interests
Beer Brewing for Fools                    Hobbies & Interests
Astronomy                                 Hobbies & Interests
Environment                               Hobbies & Interests
Quick and Easy Recipes/Cooking            Hobbies & Interests
Wine                                      Hobbies & Interests
Woodworking                               Hobbies & Interests
Foodies -- fine dining fans               Hobbies & Interests
Gravity and Other Grand Ideas             Hobbies & Interests
All things Sci-Fi                         Hobbies & Interests
General Aviation                          Hobbies & Interests
Fools On Target                           Hobbies & Interests
Numismatic Fools                          Hobbies & Interests
Model Railroads                           Hobbies & Interests
Archeology Paleontology                   Hobbies & Interests
Real Estate & REITs                       Industry Discussions
Biotechnology                             Industry Discussions
Renewable Energy                          Industry Discussions
Economy and Markets                       Industry Discussions
Energy & Utilities                        Industry Discussions
Technical Analysis Trading                Industry Discussions
Oil and Gas                               Industry Discussions
Mining and Metals                         Industry Discussions
Healthcare                                Industry Discussions
Nanotechnology                            Industry Discussions
Telecommunications                        Industry Discussions
Video & PC Games                          Industry Discussions
Financial Services                        Industry Discussions
Food                                      Industry Discussions
Wi-LAN Investing                          Industry Discussions
Railroads                                 Industry Discussions
Computer Software                         Industry Discussions
Retail                                    Industry Discussions
Pharmaceuticals                           Industry Discussions
Chemicals                                 Industry Discussions
Interactive Television                    Industry Discussions
Aerospace and Defense                     Industry Discussions
Trucking                                  Industry Discussions
Homebuilding                              Industry Discussions
Waste Management                          Industry Discussions
Day Trading - The Devil's Den             Investing/Strategies
Mechanical Investing                      Investing/Strategies
Communion of Bears                        Investing/Strategies
Foolish Four                              Investing/Strategies
Retirement Investing                      Investing/Strategies
Shorting Stocks                           Investing/Strategies
Drip Investing - Companies                Investing/Strategies
Foolish Workshop                          Investing/Strategies
Index Funds                               Investing/Strategies
Drip Investing - The Basics               Investing/Strategies
Short Term Trading                        Investing/Strategies
CANSLIM Investing                         Investing/Strategies
Rule Breaker Strategy                     Investing/Strategies
Rule Maker Strategy                       Investing/Strategies
New Paradigm Investing                    Investing/Strategies
Mutual Funds                              Investing/Strategies
Foolish Eight                             Investing/Strategies
Bonds & Fixed Income Investments          Investing/Strategies
Communion of Bulls                        Investing/Strategies
Options - You Make the Call               Investing/Strategies
Boring Stocks                             Investing/Strategies
Peter Lynch Investing                     Investing/Strategies
Eyes on the Wise                          Investing/Strategies
Real Estate Investing                     Investing/Strategies
Position Trading                          Investing/Strategies
Technical Trader's Sanctuary              Investing/Strategies
Socially Responsible Investing            Investing/Strategies
Armchair Economists                       Investing/Strategies
Doc's Guide to Mechanical Invest          Investing/Strategies
Turnarounds/Value Investing               Investing/Strategies
NAIC Stock Selection Guide                Investing/Strategies
Bob Brinker                               Investing/Strategies
Zen & the art of risk arbitrage           Investing/Strategies
Trading Index Futures                     Investing/Strategies
Low PE Stocks                             Investing/Strategies
George Gilder                             Investing/Strategies
Value Investing                           Investing/Strategies
Investing for Income                      Investing/Strategies
Risk                                      Investing/Strategies
Pseudo Drip                               Investing/Strategies
Owning Rental Property                    Investing/Strategies
The Battle for Business Ethics            Investing/Strategies
Crossroads to Wealth                      Investing/Strategies
Futures and Commodity Trading             Investing/Strategies
Green Gene Stocks                         Investing/Strategies
Disciplined Investing                     Investing/Strategies
Accounting/Audit Frauds                   Investing/Strategies
Takeovers                                 Investing/Strategies
Annual Shareholder Mtg. Reports           Investing/Strategies
Bankruptcy Investing                      Investing/Strategies
Analysis of Analysts                      Investing/Strategies
Retire Early Home Page                    Investment Clubs
Mishedlo                                  Investment Clubs
TierI-TierII Investing                    Investment Clubs
Rat's Survival Alternatives               Investment Clubs
HighReturn Discussions                    Investment Clubs
Foolish Collective                        Investment Clubs
Kua`aina Partners                         Investment Clubs
Saratoga Trading Company                  Investment Clubs
Investment Clubs                          Investment Clubs
Wheels' Research Corner                   Investment Clubs
Martian Chronicles                        Investment Clubs
Bottom Fisher                             Investment Clubs
Ahlgren Economics                         Investment Clubs
Rule Breaker Grads - March 2000           Investment Clubs
Mycroft's World of Investing              Investment Clubs
Tom Gardner's Place                       Investment Clubs
Covad Refugees                            Investment Clubs
The John Malone Research Board            Investment Clubs
Millionaire Fools                         Investment Clubs
ab's Sensible Port                        Investment Clubs
Investors Anonymous                       Investment Clubs
UPSers                                    Investment Clubs
Bogey's Bungalow                          Investment Clubs
Big Kahunas Investment Club               Investment Clubs
Admiraltroll's Focused Funds              Investment Clubs
EOLITH                                    Investment Clubs
Foolish Collective Projects               Investment Clubs
WorldCom Survivors                        Investment Clubs
Buy-and-Hold Growth Partnership           Investment Clubs
Akamai Community                          Investment Clubs
18 Karat Investment Club of Redl          Investment Clubs
Retirement                                Investment Clubs
Seattle Caesers                           Investment Clubs
Tech Wreck Refugees                       Investment Clubs
Redback Networks Community                Investment Clubs
MrArbitrage's Vestibule                   Investment Clubs
Avanex Community                          Investment Clubs
The Zoui Port                             Investment Clubs
Giff Investment Club                      Investment Clubs
Mountain Top Investors                    Investment Clubs
Investing Beginners                       Learning to Invest
Portfolio Management                      Learning to Invest
Your Favorite Stocks                      Learning to Invest
Reading Financial Statements              Learning to Invest
Investment Tips & Experiences             Learning to Invest
Fool Ratio [PEG]                          Learning to Invest
My Dumbest Investment                     Learning to Invest
Terms, Definitions, & Jargon              Learning to Invest
Valuation Strategies                      Learning to Invest
Fools Against Depression                  Living, Coping, Improving
Get Organized!                            Living, Coping, Improving
Moving Out of the Fast Lane               Living, Coping, Improving
Soberfool                                 Living, Coping, Improving
Living with Disabilities                  Living, Coping, Improving
Living on Disability                      Living, Coping, Improving
Quitting Drinking                         Living, Coping, Improving
Recovery in AA/NA                         Living, Coping, Improving
Death and Grieving                        Living, Coping, Improving
Quitting Gambling                         Living, Coping, Improving
Political Asylum                          News, Politics & Religion
Christian Fools                           News, Politics & Religion
Atheist Fools                             News, Politics & Religion
Current Events                            News, Politics & Religion
Libertarian Fools                         News, Politics & Religion
Mish's Political Quagmire                 News, Politics & Religion
creation vs evolution                     News, Politics & Religion
Catholic Fools                            News, Politics & Religion
Conservative Fools                        News, Politics & Religion
Pagan Fools                               News, Politics & Religion
Jewish and Foolish                        News, Politics & Religion
Censorship                                News, Politics & Religion
Bible Studies Daily                       News, Politics & Religion
Liberal Fools                             News, Politics & Religion
God of the Week                           News, Politics & Religion
Islam                                     News, Politics & Religion
Enron Aftermath                           News, Politics & Religion
The Politics of Energy                    News, Politics & Religion
Fools For Christ                          News, Politics & Religion
Faith in a Postmodern World               News, Politics & Religion
Buddhist Fools                            News, Politics & Religion
USA                                       News, Politics & Religion
The Theist/Atheist Dialogs                News, Politics & Religion
Scriptural Encouragement                  News, Politics & Religion
Reformed Theology                         News, Politics & Religion
Atheist Ideas                             News, Politics & Religion
Philosophical Thought                     News, Politics & Religion
Raging Moderates                          News, Politics & Religion
90 Million Fools                          News, Politics & Religion
Alan Greenspan Conspiracy Theory          News, Politics & Religion
Agnostic/Deist Fools                      News, Politics & Religion
Foolish Politics                          News, Politics & Religion
Foolish Latter-day Saints                 News, Politics & Religion
The Jewish Board of Gelt                  News, Politics & Religion
Politics                                  News, Politics & Religion
Living Below Your Means                   Personal Finances
Consumer Credit / Credit Cards            Personal Finances
Buying or Selling a Home                  Personal Finances
Building / Maintaining a Home             Personal Finances
Budgeting                                 Personal Finances
Fools and Their Money                     Personal Finances
Coupons N' More                           Personal Finances
Financial Scams                           Personal Finances
Paying Back Student Loans                 Personal Finances
Dumpster Divers                           Personal Finances
Living Beyond Your Means                  Personal Finances
Cheap Air Fares                           Personal Finances
How to Negotiate Anything                 Personal Finances
Passion Saving                            Personal Finances
Managing Your Debt Collectors             Personal Finances
Free                                      Personal Finances
Non-judgmental Living Below Your          Personal Finances
Medical Savings Accounts                  Personal Finances
Credit as a Tool                          Personal Finances
Living small                              Personal Finances
Gay, Out, Loud, Proud                     Relationships
He/She                                    Relationships
Single Fools                              Relationships
Sex and Relationships                     Relationships
LBYM Singles                              Relationships
For The Girls                             Relationships
For the Guys                              Relationships
Divorce -- all about it                   Relationships
The Wedding Chapel                        Relationships
Gimme My Stars                            Social Clubs
British Invasion                          Social Clubs
Land of Off-Topic Posts                   Social Clubs
Gimme My Rec's                            Social Clubs
AngelMay's Den                            Social Clubs
Hype & Hysteria                           Social Clubs
Aruba's Isle of Revenge                   Social Clubs
Cafe L'Eff                                Social Clubs
Codey's Land Of Confusion                 Social Clubs
Skunk(s)                                  Social Clubs
Land of Short Posts                       Social Clubs
Lisa's House O'Tushy                      Social Clubs
Gwen's Pub                                Social Clubs
Board of Pure Evil                        Social Clubs
Planet X                                  Social Clubs
Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune               Social Clubs
Apple Martini Club                        Social Clubs
Crow's Nest                               Social Clubs
Dropout's Den                             Social Clubs
Lou2's Life                               Social Clubs
Isabella's Psychotropic Pastures          Social Clubs
Sedated's House of Tranquility            Social Clubs
C is for Monkey                           Social Clubs
l'union fait la force                     Social Clubs
Women & Investing                         Social Clubs
Babble Bubble                             Social Clubs
ShelbyBoy's Front Porch                   Social Clubs
Zongibou                                  Social Clubs
BAD BOY 1                                 Social Clubs
Woman's Own                               Social Clubs
Dead Cat Club                             Social Clubs
Cheeze-O-Rama                             Social Clubs
Rants and Rambles                         Social Clubs
Where Angels Fear to Tread                Social Clubs
Water Cooler                              Social Clubs
Callisto                                  Social Clubs
CELERA the celery stalk talk!             Social Clubs
Amish Country                             Social Clubs
The Deuce                                 Social Clubs
Gimme My Milestones                       Social Clubs
The Land of Sisu                          Social Clubs
Evil's Turtle Club                        Social Clubs
Christina's Vexations                     Social Clubs
The negative end                          Social Clubs
Livewell                                  Social Clubs
Ignore the Fool                           Social Clubs
Annie's Foolish Angels                    Social Clubs
Curmudgeon's Corner                       Social Clubs
Darkside's Dark Side                      Social Clubs
Sue who's news                            Social Clubs
The Good Old Deuce                        Social Clubs
This Job Sucks                            Social Clubs
Gimme My Butterbrezls                     Social Clubs
Marco Polo                                Social Clubs
SETI Fools                                Social Clubs
Kelly's Kewl Kitty                        Social Clubs
Lair of the Drunken Fairy                 Social Clubs
Intellectual Minions Not Allowed          Social Clubs
Foolish Fun                               Social Clubs
Spidey's Web                              Social Clubs
Annapoorna's Gift                         Social Clubs
Son of British Invasion                   Social Clubs
The Never Ending Thread                   Social Clubs
Silverwing's Roost                        Social Clubs
Mood Ring                                 Social Clubs
Crawldad                                  Social Clubs
Deep Six Associates                       Social Clubs
Roasted Goats & YKW                       Social Clubs
Darkness Vs Light                         Social Clubs
Lurk                                      Social Clubs
Webbed Feat                               Social Clubs
Toon Town                                 Social Clubs
Land of the Obvious                       Social Clubs
The Life of Brian                         Social Clubs
sandy's questions                         Social Clubs
Fools Under 35K                           Social Clubs
AAA Bail Bonds                            Social Clubs
The Short Bus                             Social Clubs
A Foolish -fillintheblank- Party          Social Clubs
C4's Parking Lot                          Social Clubs
Simple                                    Social Clubs
Joolieblue's Salon                        Social Clubs
Hunzi's Ironing Board ;-)                 Social Clubs
No Reply                                  Social Clubs
Actor Rants, Cans & Kant's                Social Clubs
Brain Salad Surgeons                      Social Clubs
Selena's Salon                            Social Clubs
The Lair of The Punk Panther              Social Clubs
ANYTHING GOES ;>)                         Social Clubs
Fire and Light                            Social Clubs
Foolish Elves - Acts of Kindness          Social Clubs
Billionaire Boys Club                     Social Clubs
Knightboat is Angry                       Social Clubs
House of Gryffindor                       Social Clubs
Ishtar's Gate                             Social Clubs
Too Much Information                      Social Clubs
Homeless German Jesters                   Social Clubs
The Juggler's Club                        Social Clubs
S.I.R.E.N.S.                              Social Clubs
Lackluster Slackerchat                    Social Clubs
FredN                                     Social Clubs
MacDV                                     Social Clubs
Fishsprint's Folly                        Social Clubs
Rebel With a Cause                        Social Clubs
Meaningless Twaddle                       Social Clubs
Dragonball Z                              Social Clubs
Zoo Review                                Social Clubs
stocks for REALLY POOR FOLKS              Social Clubs
Wonderland                                Social Clubs
Weinstein                                 Social Clubs
Gimmie My Stars                           Social Clubs
Being Yourself                            Social Clubs
La Cocina De TioLeo                       Social Clubs
Original Internet Kooks                   Social Clubs
@bdgomes                                  Social Clubs
RSH                                       Social Clubs
Lively Discussions                        Social Clubs
Give Me all the Chocolate!!               Social Clubs
Satisfied With My Stars and Recs          Social Clubs
I'm Bored                                 Social Clubs
Clivus Multrum                            Social Clubs
Confounding CaveGirl                      Social Clubs
Flame                                     Social Clubs
Cream Corner                              Social Clubs
The Graveyard Shift                       Social Clubs
frissy's Eff'd Up Life                    Social Clubs
Stonecutters                              Social Clubs
Farewell my Doppel                        Social Clubs
Warisill's Underground                    Social Clubs
Left-Handed Fools in Akron                Social Clubs
S.I.P.                                    Social Clubs
Maple Grove                               Social Clubs
SWIM                                      Social Clubs
Infectious Memes                          Social Clubs
Berns' Board of Fury                      Social Clubs
Living Deliberately                       Social Clubs
Gimme My NADA                             Social Clubs
What did you say?                         Social Clubs
Not Kurt's Life                           Social Clubs
The Oxbow                                 Social Clubs
X                                         Social Clubs
CA$H                                      Social Clubs
A Day with Itchypants                     Social Clubs
Ask a Foolish Waiter                      Social Clubs
Gimme My P-Box                            Social Clubs
The Ship of Fools                         Social Clubs
C.H.I.C.                                  Social Clubs
Batcave                                   Social Clubs
NoParentsAllowed                          Social Clubs
The Castle                                Social Clubs
BIISUB                                    Social Clubs
Zee's Home for Random Thoughts            Social Clubs
African-American Fools                    Social Clubs
Jerry Springer's Flying Chairs            Social Clubs
The Penny Club                            Social Clubs
Silly Questions-Stoopid Answers           Social Clubs
Wild's Trailer Park Kingdom               Social Clubs
RedMolly's Roadhouse                      Social Clubs
Papa Roach                                Social Clubs
Rec's Liberty Cafe                        Social Clubs
Pacific Mermaids Syndicate                Social Clubs
Adrian's Search for our Future            Social Clubs
No Stars Allowed                          Social Clubs
Hello...I am a Mssg Board Addict          Social Clubs
Gimme Some Love                           Social Clubs
What's Up With Rimpy?                     Social Clubs
A Board of DOOM                           Social Clubs
Agent's Safe House                        Social Clubs
A fool and his money..                    Social Clubs
Pet Peeves                                Social Clubs
Stellar Fools                             Social Clubs
Pollapalooza                              Social Clubs
00000 VOTES & POLLS                       Social Clubs
Condolences                               Social Clubs
Lamb Chops                                Social Clubs
Small Star People                         Social Clubs
Silverwing's School for Drivel            Social Clubs
Gimme My Favorite Fools                   Social Clubs
Dan World                                 Social Clubs
Fish 'n Chips                             Social Clubs
Shooting the breeze                       Social Clubs
Gratitude                                 Social Clubs
Twin Towers of Helium                     Social Clubs
Turtle Soup                               Social Clubs
IceBreakers                               Social Clubs
Your Old House                            Social Clubs
Board of Quasi-Evil                       Social Clubs
The B-man's Beekeeping Beeyard            Social Clubs
Refuge of the Damned                      Social Clubs
Hugebabyboy's Crib of Horror              Social Clubs
QuackQuackQuack                           Social Clubs
1 Dark Night - Halloween                  Social Clubs
Tecmo's Tavern                            Social Clubs
Whine without Cheese                      Social Clubs
Beginners With Small Pot                  Social Clubs
Fool Treasure Hunt                        Social Clubs
Pretty Girl Needs Advice                  Social Clubs
Calling All DeckHands                     Social Clubs
Evil Party Tent                           Social Clubs
Quitting Nailbiting                       Social Clubs
Planet of the Doppels                     Social Clubs
House of Commons                          Social Clubs
Khalou's Korner                           Social Clubs
Predict the Fool's Final Day              Social Clubs
BLONDIE1220@AOL.COM                       Social Clubs
para su seguridad                         Social Clubs
FoolTools Fanclub                         Social Clubs
Contretemps                               Social Clubs
The Eternal Anarchy                       Social Clubs
The Anti-Establishment                    Social Clubs
Peace and Boat Drinks                     Social Clubs
A Fool named fedja                        Social Clubs
Greedy Capitalist Pigs for Hire           Social Clubs
Valentines                                Social Clubs
Foolumni & Friends                        Social Clubs
Attention Earthling                       Social Clubs
Bash The Fool Censors                     Social Clubs
Rex Addicts Support Group                 Social Clubs
Bong Resin                                Social Clubs
Oh Yeah, Well My                          Social Clubs
A View From The Sticks                    Social Clubs
Fools under 20                            Social Clubs
The Sausage Factory                       Social Clubs
Risky Women                               Social Clubs
Fallout Shelter                           Social Clubs
Just "Hi"                                 Social Clubs
Dogs of War                               Social Clubs
Sand Dancers                              Social Clubs
Harley Fools                              Social Clubs
4200 WOW                                  Social Clubs
The Bacon Organization, Inc.              Social Clubs
Broker This!                              Social Clubs
WIM(Women of Independent Means)           Social Clubs
Latin MST                                 Social Clubs
Black Investors                           Social Clubs
The G Club                                Social Clubs
amigos eight                              Social Clubs
Work at Home                              Social Clubs
Making it to the Top                      Social Clubs
Stock Review                              Social Clubs
Red Hot Ladies of Bonita Bay              Social Clubs
The Social Door                           Social Clubs
77's Foolish House of Pigskin             Sports
Major League Baseball                     Sports
Hockey Fans Board                         Sports
Foolish Golf Tips                         Sports
College Hoops                             Sports
Gimme My Sports                           Sports
Wrestling Talk                            Sports
NBA Discussions                           Sports
Football/Soccer Discussions               Sports
UNC Tar Heel Fan Club                     Sports
NASCAR                                    Sports
Fantasy Hockey Faceoff                    Sports
SLSL Members Only                         Sports
715's All Sports                          Sports
Boilermaker Club                          Sports
Tennis Fools                              Sports
Horse Racing                              Sports
Minnesota Twins Fans                      Sports
Guns for Sport & Protection               Sports
Alabama , Univ Of - Sports                Sports
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