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I found this in my favorites file today and today marks the anniversary of her passing. She could really share her story with beautiful words.
RIP cat
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Last year, I rarely read this board, but I do remember reading about her death. Perhaps it was your post that informed me then as well. In any event, the same link was posted and I remember reading her obit last year... Unfortunately, this year, though the page appears, all of the text of the obit is grayed out.

Chadron NB... passed through there in 1979 on a bicycle. I remember it well. They've got a "Museum of the Fur Trade" there that chronicles the life of trappers and traders during the late 1700s and early 1800... a life pursued on the high plateau that begins just west of there, and stretched into the mountains.

The day I rode into Chadron was around the first of May. It was snowing.
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