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Having successfully managed my own stock portfolio focused on growth stocks for the past 6 years with the help of TMF Rulebreakers and Stock Advisor and, for a time, Hidden Gems, I'm intending to take over another portion of my investment portfolio from my financial advisor: dividend-producing stocks.

My intention was to subscribe to TMF Income Investor to gain Foolish insight into investing for dividends, but I've discovered that II is now a "closed" service.

Therefore, I wish to find another newsletter/subscription out there that might provide me with similarly high-quality stock recommendations. I hope I'm not breaking a TMF rule by asking the community here for suggestions for other services, but obviously they have more interest than they can handle in this area, so I hope they won't begrudge my asking for pointers to a strong alternative!

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For a couple of suggestions, check out Morningstar's Dividend Investor newsletter with Josh Peters, or Investment Quality Trends newsletter. I'm sure there are also others. These two focus on 2-5 yr holds of large blue chip companies, buying when they consider the stock underpriced. Happy Investing, Suunny
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Thanks for the suggestion -- I'm looking into those and they look promising!

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