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Generally, I do not do a lot of broiling, but I do broil steaks when I want one.

I currently have a Cuisinart TOB 165 or 175, which is a toaster, (convection) oven, and broiler. This is what I use to broil steaks. The oven broiler is too far down for me to really use it. Which is why I bought the Cuisinart. It replaced my old (30+ yr) GE toaster oven (bought at a GE repair facility). Nothing wrong with the GE, it just could not do what I needed it to do. So, gave it away.

There are few (fixed) settings to set the broiler pan relative to the broiler elements, so the option to move the steak slightly further away does not exist. It is either nicely close or realistically too far away to really broil a standard steak. Steaks that are very thick do fine at the distant setting, but it takes a while to get the center cooked. So I usually buy store-standard ~3/4" thick steaks.

The broiler works well, but it gives off a lot of smoke when part way through broiling (particularly when finishing the first side and broiling the second side). This can set off the smoke alarm, as well as make the apartment smell of smoke. I do run the fan/filter over the stove and that helps a bit. Any window is too hard to open (covered to keep cold out for winter and heat/sunlight in the summer).

I want to essentially be able to minimize the smoke produced in the first place--which can not be done with the Cuisinart. So, I considered a (supposedly) mostly smokeless grill/broiler

I see lots of offers (Amazon, etc), but no way to know which one(s) really work. Prices seem to be $100 or so (+/- $20), so price is not a big issue. Black Friday deals were maybe $20 cheaper, so I don't think I missed any super deals that would have saved a lot.

Ideas, recommendations, suggestions please.
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I forge tthe brand but I bought the cheapest electric indoor grill on Amazon at the time (a year and a half ago?). I think it cost $34. Does the trick for steak, chops of all kinds, chicken thighs, burgers... A bit annoying to clean (not the surface but the underside).
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