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Where can I find information on after-tax, pre-liquidation annualized returns (excluding load fees)? I was able to find (on these returns inclusive of load fees. However, I wasn't able to find information excluding load fees.

I currently have investments in two American Funds (AGTHX and AEPGX) in a taxable account. While I am fortunate to be able to take advantage of breakpoint discounts and thus have a 0% load on "A" shares, the downside is that in a taxable account, these funds pay out large capital gains/dividends each year.

I'd like to have access to 1, 3, 5 and 10 year returns (after tax, pre-liquidation, pre-load) comparing these funds versus their comparable ETF's (such as SPY or EFA) to guide future decision making. I am a long-term buy and hold investor. . . if returns comparing the ETF's vs. these actively managed funds is not that different, I'd rather change my current and future investments to these ETF's. However, I dont want to make any drastic changes without having data.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. My question above was triggered by one of David Gardner's recent Podcast honoring John Bogle where he mentioned the importance of looking at after tax returns.
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Where can I find information on after-tax, pre-liquidation annualized returns (excluding load fees)?

I don't know of an easy way to do this. There is a hard way.
You can get historical distributions for your American Funds holdings here:

You would then have to estimate taxes you would have owed on the dividend and capital gains distributions. American Funds has no way of knowing what your individual tax situation would be.

Once you've determined the absolute returns for the funds over the different time frames, you can compute annualized returns over N years by taking the Nth root of the ratio of the ending value to the starting value.

I've never held a mutual fund outside of a tax-advantaged account so I've never had to do this.


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