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Then-House Speaker Paul Ryan started studying how to interact with people with narcissistic personality disorder after Donald Trump won the 2016 election, according to a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Insider reports.

“Ryan was caught off guard when Trump won the election in an enormous upset over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Republicans controlled the House and Senate, and Ryan, realizing that he would have to work with Trump, started researching how to deal with someone who is ‘amoral and transactional.’”

from the comments:

- Notice that he was doing it in order to figure out how to work with Trump, not to blow the whistle on the terrifying fact that we had a POTUS who was sociopathic.

- He could have saved some time and just called the local pre-school: "How do you deal with petulant little [redacted] over there?"

- Step 1: Look in mirror.
Step 2: Stop admiring yourself, and focus.
Step 3: What does Ayn Rand say about narcissism?
Step 4: Feel sad when Obama made fun of me about being a Rand obsessive, and look in mirror again.
Step 5: Admire hair.
Step 6: You've got this, you're Paul Ryan!
Step 7: Go charm Trump!
Step 8: Resign to spend time with family.

- And is some cases like Lindsey Graham, multiple personality disorders.

- He had devoted his life to enabling narcissists, but then didn’t know how to actually deal with one.

- While Trump is certainly narcissistic, I think he suffers more from attention-seeking histrionic personality disorder than he does from narcissistic personality disorder. His need for constant attention, his anger when anyone else gets more attention than him, the way that he changes his opinion based on the last person he talks to, are all classic symptoms of ASHPD.
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