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electronic signature legally valid now.
newswire mentions cici out with new product,
and as a provider of electronic signature
technology. cnbc mentioned vrsn, entu, valicert,
rsas as companies impacted by legal signature
news- a lot of net security companies.
They may bundle some kind of electronic signature
verification- do they capture signatures? Does cici
have deals with any of these companies?

Where fraud is possible, people may shy away from
electronic signatures. The biggest market may be
situations where fraud is unlikely; where the
signature is only a necessary formality.
Situations where security is not an issue might
match up well with cici's product.

Or does a lack of security make for a chink
(one of the..) in cici's armor?

Anyway the importance of this type of product
is hard for the street to miss at this point.
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You wrote (sorry I do not know how to do the fancy italics thing)

"Situations where security is not an issue might
match up well with cici's product.

Or does a lack of security make for a chink
(one of the..) in cici's armor?"

One of the advantages to CIC's software (from what I have read and remember) is that IT IS secure. It not only compares the signature itself but the biometrics involved in writing it (pressure, speed, etc...). Seems to me this is a lot more secure than a numeric signature.
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Oops - thanks for the correction that cici has
biometric security. I confess to being
a lightweight. I wish I could talk with someone
from verisign or palm or... to see what they think
of cici. Also I have never actually used the cici
product or others like it.

What is infometric versus biometric? Is infometric
comparing a stored pattern versus the freshly input
signature, looking for a visual resemblance?
What is the Penops method versus Cici's?
What services does someone like VRSN
provide versus Cici? They hook into a website,
whereas Cici's product is more device oriented?
They check a password (is that what a numeric
signature is, or is it an algorythm for xlating
the form of a sig into numbers?), versus capturing/
evaluating a signature? Why not a tiny heat
pad that would read a fingerprint? Some people
have pretty eccentric signatures (mine resembles
itself in some respects from one iteration to the
next but.. i definitely stop and start at different
spots and don't always apply pressure at the same
points. You would have to have some way to flex
around variations in penmanship)

As far as the movement of the stock price, I'm
not too concerned as this is play money for me,
but i hope they don't fall below the dangerous 2.
What will bring the stock to life, if legalizing
electronic sig and a lot of publicity hasn't?
When tech as a whole rebounds, it will be easier
to see if experts whoever these beings may be
see potential.

They seem to have software that's good
enough to bring in contracts. Are they keeping
them? The bio-recog can't just work most of the
time, it has to work all the time- quite an
achievment. I mean someone's signature product
is definitely going to save people
money; it's definitely a new and better way
to sign certain agreements, and paperwork.
That much is worth a small speculation.

Possibly larger companies have been playing
off small companies like Penops and Cici-
so that the acquired assets of Penops
will give Cici some leverage to bump up
licensing fees? (Just one profitable quarter!)
On the other hand, small companies can wipe
themselves out on one misguided acquisition
(see HLIT before and after the DIVICOM acquisition.
The Divicomians seem to have left to create better
formulas elsewhere. HLIT strategists must
have reasoned that winter is coming, the optimal
season for the invaision of Russia....).

Any information from the real world muchly

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Hopefully you are not licking your wounds with HLIT also. Uncanny that you would mention them here on the cici board.

I invested in cici as a pure speculative play as well. Figured I would let them run with my play money for a while and see where it goes.

Now if you also own IOM I will.....oh well, if you don't and are looking for another playground come visit us on Nice place to be without all the clutter on the TMF IOM board
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Bahia Honda :

Yes, i bought Hlit at 40, after the first warning.
I doubled up when it went to 20. It went back up
to 30 and I sold half my holdings, but kept
the second rueful half. I sold the second half today.
I think it might have a little rebound left,
but i became convinced that the merger problems
are too much of an obstacle..they're turning
into some kind of Atlas of debt. Other stocks are
getting their market caps miniaturized but without
a known problem, so it's a good time to switch
horses. Still I feel nostolgia for what a beautiful
balance sheet HLIT had and a good looking
business. It's a shame that so much effort
and intelligence...

I missed the iomega opportunity, but i sense
there are other opportunities in this vein.

Thanks for your iomega chatroom invitation.

I have been to little torch key 3 times-
stayed at Palmers; I kayaked to the tiny
island off BahaiHonda, a wonderful place,
also reef snorkelling with 30 german tourists;
the easygoing people, big pine winn dixie
conveniences, ability to check out key west
without being swallowed by interminable
zaniness; the luminous exposed skies;
the boom and bust just barely history of the place;
the craziness of building our way way out there,
at all. (and a great place to meditate on stock
losses- what could be better?).

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CIC's core software technologies include multilingual handwriting recognition systems, dynamic signature verification, ink compression, and operating system extensions that enable pen input. CIC has a joint venture, CICC, in Nanjing, China. This should be big in China from what I hear. With such an extensive character based written language it would be impossible to create a keyboard, yet an input pad that recognized the written symbols would be great.

CIC's products are designed to increase the ease of use, functionality, and security of mobile electronic devices ranging from handheld companions to cellular phones. I don't see CIC's signature verification being used like Verisign's. VRSN can issue an e-signature to allow secure transactions. CIC's software requires an input device (like the increasingly more popular PDAs and PDA/phone combos that will soon be coming out) to input, read, and verify the signature. Imagine the ease of making a wireless purchase using your PALM and simply having to sign the bottom in order to confirm the buy! I think this is far more likely than using fingerprints, retina scans, or facial recognition devices. It can be used in hospitals to allow doctors to write reports/prescriptions that are instantly entered into a data base/pharmacy and the doctors signature can be verified providing instant authentication. The same with insurance reports which can be done on an input pad in the field and transmitted over a wireless network and instantly issue a check.

Key licensees of CIC's technologies include Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, National Semiconductor, and Nortel. Sounds like a good crowd to be involved with. I seem to remember reading that Schwab was also using the software.

Just some info from the company website and my interpretation. I am no expert but this sounds like a
good technology with the possibility for strong consumer appeal.

Good trading,
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Kyle :
Thanks for sharing your research.
The doctor's prescription and insurance claim
processing examples are excellent; and the
potential for circumventing problematics of a
chinese language keyboard by capturing the sign
itself clarifies how valuable the chinese
side of the company can be. I was imagining
a corporate executive getting a third world
businessman's signature without a dreaded trip
into some revolutionary jungle. The company is
focussed right at an important technological
pivot point, so that however the stock price
pans out, it's worth the price of admission as
a great story; Thanks again.

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SSSHHHH! You know what Don, Joe and crew had to say: "call someplace paradise, kiss it good-bye". Seriously, when I go to Bahiahonda, I contemplate the fine stocks that brought me there and, more importantly, those that will keep me there. Alas, CICI is not in any rush to be one of those stocks. Perhaps earnings will give us a lil' pop in the right direction.

Concerning Iomega; You have only missed the first two chapters. Chapters three and four are usually where the plot starts to come together, the one where the reader's interest is really piqued. Chapter three only started a few months ago so plenty of time to catch up. DD advised, of course.

Best of Luck!
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