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Thanks for the post. What a great read.

I am long this stock. It is not going to double overnight like everything else seems to do these days but I think the stock will do quite well when it pops up on people's radar screens later this year (no pun intended).

Let's face it, there haven't been sanctioned nationwide monopolies (or duopolies) since they broke up AT&T.

But it still disturbs me that they ignore the home market. I have said on these boards before that I am a radio freak and have it on at home pretty regularly. And it's not just "backround noise" as SIRI's CEO refers to it. I can't believe I'm alone here.

I also was disappointed that there were no questions asked about proprietary programming, signing up popular radio personalities to do their shows exclusively on SIRI. I know they have celebs signed up to host music formats but I'm talking about Rush Limbaugh and others of his ilk. I hate the stuff but they are ratings (and thus suscription) generators.

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FFerarra: I had the opportunity to visit the Sirius studios in New York and discuss, along with others, with Terence Sweeney of Sirius the home market issue. There is no home market for the Sirius system, he told me-- as well as others assembled for a visit to the studios. The marketing studies were extensive, he said, and about the only possibility for Sirius to deliver to home would be over some of its content over the EchoStar system, a product Echo would pay Sirius an incremental fee. Thre is going to be some "bundling" of value-added services with Ford, Mercedes, and EchoStar-- what they all are Mr. Sweeney did not elaborate except to say that some of the satellite ability for the car would prevent theft.

The auto market (I count 8 million cars now for Sirius installed radio), studies showed, was huge. I'll be glad if they get 2 million users myself-- but the lease market to which DM referred in the interview, I checked out some weeks ago. 1,260,000 cars/year among BMW, Mercedes, and Lincoln! So that looks good for Sirius.

Sirius does have some unique personalities for their programming. Bill Cosby is a name I recognize right away, as well as Leonard Slatkin. As for Rush Limbaugh, who needs him? (Political opinion on my part).

Anyway, the launches are what are important. There will be a launch Saturday of the Indonesian satellite on the commercial Proton, and then two more. Apparently Loral Corp (the satellite manufacturer) wants three Protons to launch before they launch in April. Two satellites will be launched in the third quarter because Loral wants to have full testing on the first satelllte that is launched. I think they also said the second and third satellite are a bit different than the first-- so they have to make allowances for that too.

All this information can be certified if you call Sirius in New York. I found Terence Sweeney very confident, polite, and ready to answer all questions. There definitely will be more OEM contracts. I think if they have three satellites successfully in orbit, the company should do well as an investment.
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I agree with you, Frank. If the programming is right, why not listen to it at home? I don't see why the service wouldn't be geared toward boom boxes too, what about those people at the beach or work? I think demand will open up a market for home as well as in the car.

How about at work? I too was surprised at the comment about the radio being a home background filler. So what? I'll pay money for quality music in my home as background filler. With no commercials, then background filler is exactly what people expect! Further, what about at work? I don't know of a shop that doesn't have a radio going. People who lay carpet to accountants and everyone in between would want quality digital music commercial free, don't you think?

I think certain public radio shows should be recruited or included or what have you even if it means commercial programming. For example, (and forgive all ye who read this and almost gave me a chance) I like Howard Stern, but in many markets, Howard Stern is not available. Wouldn't this grab a huge market share if people could pick this up in their car?

And joggers, wouldn't they want commercial free music in a light weight device? There is nothing I hate more than listening to advertising for ten straight minutes while jogging and the like.

I hope the CEO or someone privy to his attention is reading this. Not only are we part owners of OUR company, but we are future customers.

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Thanks for the post. It's people willing to share information that keeps me coming back to the MF boards!

Frank Ferrara
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