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I have a secret.

I hate investing.

It is the most boring thing I've ever been forced to do. But I don't want to still be eating Ramen noodles when I'm 70 (or slurping them if I've lost my teeth by then), so I don't really have much choice.

But I really love chatting with people on-line. I love reading other people's posts, offering uneducated opinions and replying to posts from Fools eager for knowledge with totally unprofessional and inconsistent advice, totally carefree of the consequences to their lives. They're not my problem. I just enjoy messing with people.

Which is why when I learned of a secret program The Motley Fool was planning to build an API that would allow application developers such as myself to create programs that would enable us to leverage the power of The Motley Fool Community, I knew my time had come. I could kill two birds with one stone - leverage the power of my participation on the discussion boards as well as get around my dislike for buying and selling stocks.

But why stop here? I realized after sketching the initial outline of my genius idea that I had something that could benefit the Foolish community at large (and make myself a lot more money than investing ever could!). And thus was born the Fuskie Funds™, a novel and ingenious method (If I do say so myself) of harvesting the power of the TMF Community to power an investing strategy that you don't have to think about, because you've already done it.

Wait, what? How does that work?

Well, let's take a step back and explain what this API does. The Fool Community API (TFCAPI™) is an Application Programming Interface that allows developers to create applications that link into the TMF Community. These applications allow you the Fool to extend your use of the TMF Community beyond the discussion boards, CAPS game or scorecards.

The discussion boards are over 20 years old and have never been upgraded, resulting in a database of millions of posts by hundreds of thousands of users and a spiders web of code that just cannot be untangled. Realizing that overhauling the TMF Community to make it more usable and introduce new features just wasn't going to be feasible. So instead of the nightmare of trying to do it in-house, the TMF R&D Tech team came up with the idea in 2017 of letting third party developers do it themselves.

That's where I came in. When the TFCAPI™ beta became available in January, I knew I had to be a part of the preposterous potential this programming partnership was offering, so I signed up and got to writing. Hundreds of Cokes later and many gallons of coffee, not to mention a case of Twinkies and a steady diet of Moon Pies, I eagerly went to work and coded until my fingers were raw and I'm pleased to say that it was all worth the trips to the ER. I submitted my app to the Foolish R&D Tech Team and they approved the up just yesterday, in time for me to release it to you for the second quarter of the calendar year.

Simply put, the Fuskie Funds™ introduces Profiled Investing to The Foolish Community. Profiled Investing is a new and innovative take on Automated Investing Technlogy™ (AIT) where, instead of data mining thousands of useless and unexplainable metrics, you the investor are in charge. Fueled by the TMF Community API, which allows 3rd party apps to be developed to work with the TMF Community Discussion Boards, the Fuskie Funds™ are driven by profile data built from your TMF Community activity. The boards you visit, the posts to which you reply, the conversations you start, all these factor into an intelligent algorithm that selects the perfect mixture of investments for your very own Personal Mutual Fund™.

A Personal Mutual Fund™ is is just that - a mutual fund built of investments that are all you from bottom to top. Based on the amount of time you spend on each discussion board, the Fuskie Funds™ AIT will pick the right combination of investments for your Personal Mutual Fund™. Because your interests and investing skills are always growing, your Fuskie Funds™ AIT is constantly updating your Personal Mutual Fund™ to reflect your latest profile. The more boards you post on, the more diverse the investments of your Personal Mutual Fund™.

To further encourage participation on the TMF Community Discussion Boards, you can get bonus matching investments by answering questions and generating Rec's on your posts. These bonus matching investments can fuel-inject your Personal Mutual Fund™. Fuskie Funds™ will also scan other posts to the TMF Community Discussion Boards for reference to your Fool Name to further boost your Bonus Fuel. But be careful, if you stop participating in the TMF Community, the bonus fuel can go away.

The Fuskie Funds™ takes the confidentiality of your TMF Community personal profile data very seriously, employing the highest level of secure encryption developed by North Korean hackers. Not even those of us at Fuskie Funds™ can see your profile data nor the companies in your Personal Mutual Fund™. Fuskie Funds™ does not sell your personal profile data, not even for academic research.

However, Fuskie Funds™ does utilize your personal profile data in aggregate to compare with other Fuskie Funds™ account holders. You can also Opt In to have Fuskie Funds™ notify you each time the AIT makes a trade in your Personal Mutual Fund™ or hit certain Personal Mutual Fund™ Performance Goals.

We cannot tell you how well your Personal Mutual Fund™ will perform, and anyone who claims they can guarantee an investment return is not being honest. With the Fuskie Funds™, since each Personal Mutual Fund™ is different from every other, it is not possible to produce a universal return, so you're personal rate of return is dependent entirely on your personal involvement within the TMF Community. The more you participate, the bigger your portfolio will grow!

This isn't cloud-sourced investing, though. The profile data that drives your Personal Mutual Fund™ comes not from the cloud but from your own activity. And that of your fellow Fools. Because if the Fuskie Funds™ AIT determines you are a novice or poorly participating on the TMF Community Discussion Boards, it will automatically check out the TMF Community profiles of those Fools to whom you reply and Rec the most and use their data instead.

That way, the Fuskie Funds™ can safely ensure you are getting the best investing experience even if you insist on posting on the Penny & Pot Stocks board or the Day Trading Is Too Far An Outlook board. And best of all, your fellow Fools won't even know they are helping you out, because all that is required is for you to like them - not them to like you!

Sound too good to be true? It's not! To get started, all you have to do is link your TMF Community Profile to your Fuskie Funds™ account. Welcome!

Let' get started:

Who is excited for you to get started with FuskieFunds™ on this very special day...

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