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I tried lowest-dose Invokana some years ago. It's effectiveness was reduced even further (by 50%) due to another drug I took (info from the Invokana official tech info page about drug interactions), but it still worked effectively. I was also taking a statin, but it was generic Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium) and there was no apparent problem with that drug. When I told the doctor about the 50% reduction in effectiveness, the Invokana was stopped.
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Invokana was an effective drug for me but considering it was not covered by insurance, it became unaffordable when they stopped renewing my manufacturer's discount benefit. I've been happy with Jardiance since then, and while not cheap, it's affordable and supposedly good for the heart as well.

Who has also been participating in the Sweetperks rewards program which lets the manufacturer track his usage in exchange for free stuff like a foot massager, air filter and blood pressure monitor...

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