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Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn received multiple threats, including one of lynching, after he penned an opinion piece critical of former President Donald Trump, the Des Moines Register reports.

Wilburn, a state representative, is the first Black chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.

Seldom fail to disappoint.

from the comments:

- Quo Vadis GOP?

- Warning: If you find yourself making threatening statements, or wishing other people harm/death, suggestion to turn off all media for a two month period. Chances are you are being brain washed. Sever the media connection and save your humanity.


- The "Immoral Compass" is more like it.


- Trump tore the hood off of America, and in a sense I’m grateful to be disabused of the notion that my countrymen were, by and large, decent.... I resent being played by the billionaires who love the distraction of tribal conflict, but it’s better to know your enemy. ... a century of capitalist cronyism has made the country sick, stupid, and poor. The rewards for our lawmakers (so many millionaires!) pale in comparison to the billions hoovered out of the country to offshore havens.... it appears our country was deliberately designed to harness the capital of labor, transfer it to the wealthy, and encourage the poor to keep hoping for a come-up.
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