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Hey All,

Have a 5th generation iPad currently on iPadOS 10.1.1 (can update tonight if needed), use Safari for surfing and now the text on the boards is tiny... it starts out as my normal sized text when I hit a new thread / response, but then rapidly shrinks.... hard to see with old eyes...

I can go to 'Display & Brightness > Text Size' and adjust the slider from left to right and it doesn't make the issue go away..

Restart hasn't helped... on Chrome for iPad seems OK...

It only happens to the text on (not any other site)...

I've given it a few days figuring it was either the 10.1 update or something with hasn't resolved..

any other ideas?


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I don't know a cure, but may I suggest a workaround? Or perhaps I should describe it as a different way of working?

Add another browser. Besides Safari, on my phone (8S) I have Chrome, Firefox and DuckDuckGo. I regularly use all but the last. (I only recently installed it, and I have to get over the idea that DuckDuckGo is just a search engine.) When I run into some difficulty using one browser I can often find relief with one of the others.
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