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I've never got a satisfactory answer to the following series of questions. Hopefully someone can come up with a better, more exact and precise answer to the following situation:

I'm 29, I make about 100k/year before taxes (Varies since I own my own business, but its held firm for the last 5 years around there).

So my tax bracket is high-ish. For simplicity sake lets use two potential investment models, we're going to ignore a 401k Solo account and use a SEP vs. ROTH.

What's better for retirement? I can invest a tad over 10,000 typically in SEP (Maxed out) then pour my tax savings into a traditional investing account with MLPs and other tax advantaged items (or at the very least, foreign stocks that don't fit the sep) or invest 5,000 in a ROTH, pay the taxes on it, and put the remainder into a traditional investing account.

And of course, the final question is: Does anyone know for sure if a ROTH style 401k exists for a sole proprietor? I don't think it does.

Then the final question is: How much does this answer change if I go to a solo 401k and put 20,000/year+ into it (And on top of that, do you still have full control of a solo 401k? I don't really get how it works, but since the contribution is higher what is the disadvantage of it vs. a SEP?)

The reason I ask this here is I expect my avg dividend on these folios to be in the realm of 4%, I know that makes an impact on taxes (especially if it increases to 20% next year).

Ok that was probably less clear than it could have been. Hope someone can help clarify this for me!
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Hi hohocake!

What you're looking for here is really financial planning/tax advice....something most II Fools are not expert in ( I stand to be corrected, of course ) ;-)

Might I suggest you ask your question on the boards below, where some pretty tax savvy investors reside?:

Sorry I can't be of more help, but no matter what answers you get right now, remember that the folks in Congress are contemplating all sorts of changes in the next few years to try and get our finances on a more sound keep your ear close to the ground. ;-)

Home Fool
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