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Recently I had a total PC meltdown and had to reinstall my OS as well as all my programs on a new PC. I've been using Irfanview for a few years as an image viewer. After file associations are set up it shows all my images in thumbnail format (as set up in View). But when I reinstalled the same version of Irfanview I used before, it now looks different in one aspect. I used to be able to view .PSD images in thumbnail view, as well as open them for viewing in Irfanview. To open .PSDs in Photoshop, a right click and "Open with" would get me there. But now in thumbnail View all I see is the red cat logo, and the frame is otherwise blank. They still open in Photoshop after a right click-Open With path, but I'd like to see them among the thumbnails too. And yes, PSD is checked under File Associations.
I'd appreciate some suggestions from someone using Irfanview.
Ray B.
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Look for a irfanview plug-in which allows viewing PSD.
To see PSD from Windows you'll probably need a Windows plugin.

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